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Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set 17

1 “His Majesty went to village Lalna in the jurisdiction of Palam (near Delhi) for hunting and spent the night in the house of Bhura, the headman of that village. He went on to hunt in the morning, and ordered that whichever headman obtains such privilege (of having his Majesty as his guest). The land cultivated by his family should be reported by the news writer to His Majesty so that some grant be made to him, the farmans for this to be prepared by the news-writer himself.” Identify the emperor who spent the night in the house of Bhura.
1 Babur
2 Akbar
3 Jahangir
4 Shah Jahan

Answer: Akbar
2 Guna Begum, wife of Ghaziuddin Khan Imad-ul Mulk, Wazir of Ahmad Shah and Alamgir II composed verses in Urdu with the pen name :
1 Minnat
2 Makhfi
3 Zeenat
4 Mushafi

3 Which historian made the following comment ? “The Derozians were never able to organise anything like a real campaign on any social reform issue; for that Bengal had to wait for Vidyasagar.”
1 R.C. Majumdar
2 Sushobhan Sarkar
3 Sumit Sarkar
4 Ranajit Guha

Answer:Sumit Sarkar
4 Who wrote Mother India and The Face of Mother India that made most denigrating criticism against Indian culture and civilization ?
1 Cornelia Sorabji
2 Margarett Cousins
3 Katherine Mayo
4 Mrs. Annie Besant

Answer:Katherine Mayo
5 ‘Drink not, serve not and produce not liquor.” Who gave this slogan from among the following ?
1 Mahatma Jyotirao Phule
2 Swami Narayanguru
3 Bagyareddy Varma
4 Periyar Ramaswamy

Answer:Swami Narayanguru
6 Who was the first Indian President of the Theosophical society ?
1 Diwan Bahadur Raghunath Rau
2 J. Krishnamurthy
3 C. Jinarajadasa
4 G.N. Chakravarthy

Answer:C. Jinarajadasa
7 Identify the disciple of Ramakrishna Paramhansa who recorded conversations of his teacher till his Guru’s death ?
1 Swami Vivekananda
2 Swami Brahmananda
3 Swami Chinmayananda
4 Mahendranath Gupta

Answer: Mahendranath Gupta
8 Which historian made the following comment ? “With few exceptions, history-writing on Rammohan and on the entire Bengal renaissance has remained prisoner to a kind of ‘false consciousness’ bred by colonialism which needs to be analysed overcome, in the interest of both historical truth and contemporary progress.”
1 J.N. Farquhar
2 Bipan Chandra
3 Sumit Sarkar
4 Kenneth W. Jones

Answer: Sumit Sarkar
9 Which one of the following statements regarding Jotiba Phule’s ideals of ‘Universal Humanism’, is not correct ?
1 His humanism was universal, claiming equal rights for all and exclusion of all discriminatory distinctions.
2 He believed that the caste system was introduced by Crafty Brahmin priests.
3 He worked for a new social structure built on equality and rationality.
4 He believed in the reformed Varna system.

Answer: He believed in the reformed Varna system.
10 Which one of the following statements is wrong regarding James Mill’s History of British India ?
1 Mill’s aim in writing this book was to provide a historical and philosophical foundation for the attitudes and activities of liberals and utilitarians in India.
2 It was published in the year 1818 and was the first comprehensive historical account of India.
3 Mill’s periodization of Indian history in this book, paved way for later communalism.
4 Mill made an attempt in his book to analyse India’s glorious past and her achievements.

Answer:Mill made an attempt in his book to analyse India’s glorious past and her achievements.
11 In which year was the Sangeet Natak Academy established in New Delhi as the national academy for performing arts ?
1 1953
2 1954
3 1956
4 1957

12 Who said : “This retention of Rowlatt legislation in the teeth of universal opposition is an affront to the nation. Its repeal is necessary to appease national honour.”
1 Lokmanya B.G. Tilak
2 Mahatma M.K. Gandhi
3 Dr. Annie Besant
4 Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Answer: Mahatma M.K. Gandhi
13 Which architect designed the Victoria Memorial Hall in Calcutta, in Indo-Islamic features ?
1 William Emerson
2 George Gilbert Scott
3 Le Corbusier
4 Ebenezer Howard

Answer: William Emerson
14 Which of the following words gave clue for deciphering Brahmi script ?
1 Danam
2 Laja
3 Dhammam
4 Priyadarshi

Answer: Danam
15 Ochre coloured pottery as a representation of potters craft is closely associates with
1 Pre-Harappans
2 Early Harappans
3 Late Harappans
4 Mature Harappans

Answer: Late Harappans

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