Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set 18

1 Which of the following Vedic texts deals with ploughing rituals in detail ?
1 Atharva Veda Samhita
2 Yajur Veda Samhita
3 Kausitaki Upanishad
4 Satapatha Brahmana

Answer: Satapatha Brahmana
2 The Buddhist idea of the Chakravartin (Universal emperor), is found in the
1 Digha Nikaya
2 Buddhacharita
3 Kathavatthu
4 Samadhiraja-sutra

Answer:Digha Nikaya
3 Which of the following was a Mahanagara during the time of Gautama Buddha ?
1 Champa
2 Kapilavastu
3 Kusinagara
4 Ptaliputra

4 According to the Svetambara tradition who among the following was a lady Tirthankara ?
1 Arishtanemi
2 Mallinatha
3 Santinatha
4 Sumatinatha

5 Which of the following works gives a detailed description of Ajivika Makkhali Gosala ?
1 Bhagavati-Sutra
2 Brihatsamhita
3 Harshacharita
4 Manimekhalai

6 Asokan Pillar at Sanchi was surmounted with
1 Bull Capital
2 Elephant Capital
3 Horse Capital
4 Lion Capital

Answer: Lion Capital
7 Which of the following Mauryan official appears to have been assigned the duty of land measuring ?
1 Gopa
2 Rajuka
3 Samaharta
4 Sthanika

Answer: Rajuka
8 The Harihara concept was conceived during the period of
1 Mauryas
2 Kushanas
3 Guptas
4 Post-Guptas

9 The Sohgaura copper-plate inscription in Gorakhpur and Mahasthan inscriptions of Bogra in early Prakrit deal with
1 Taxation system
2 Relief measures to be adopted during a famine
3 Non-injury
4 Self-control, equable conduct and gentleness

Answer:Relief measures to be adopted during a famine
10 Who among the following was the first to take initiative for water resource management in Gujarat ?
1 Chandragupta Maurya
2 Asoka
3 Rudradaman
4 Skandagupta

Answer:Chandragupta Maurya
11 Who among the following was an expounder of Vijnanavada ?
1 Aryadeva
2 Chandrakirti
3 Nagarjuna
4 Vasubandhu

12 The first inscriptional evidence to Sati is provided by
1 Eran Inscription of Samudragupta
2 Mathura Inscription of Chandragupta II
3 Kahaum Inscription of Skandgupta
4 Eran Inscription of Goparaja

Answer: Eran Inscription of Goparaja
13 Which one of the following inscriptions refes to the worship of Vrishni-Viras among Bhagavata votaries ?
1 Besnagar Inscription
2 Aihole Inscription
3 Mathura Pillar Inscription
4 Mora well Inscription

Answer: Mora well Inscription
14 Bhinamala is known as the birth place of the famous astronomer
1 Aryabhatta
2 Bhaskaracharya
3 Brahmagupta
4 Varahamihira

Answer: Brahmagupta
15 The Ramayana panels are found carved in the temple at
1 Tigawa
2 Deogarh
3 Eran
4 Bhitargaon


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