Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set 19

1 The inscription which contains a unique work on musical notations is situated at
1 Aihole
2 Bharhut
3 Kudumiyamalai
4 Udaipur

Answer: Kudumiyamalai
2 Who among the following was a Saiva teacher ?
1 Bhutayogi
2 Bhrantayogi
3 Kulasekhara
4 Sundaramurti

3 Ashtanga-Hridaya is a text on
1 Astronomy
2 Medicine
3 Polity
4 Philosophy

4 The Durga temple at Aihole is fuilt in the type of
1 Dravida
2 Nagara
3 Bhumija
4 Gajapristha

5 During the Rashtrakuta time “Salotogi” was a famous centre for
1 Education
2 Trade and Commerce
3 Temple architecture
4 Weaving

6 Which type of stone is used for building the Konark Temple ?
1 Granite
2 Sand stone
3 Chlorotic Schist
4 Khondalite

Answer: Khondalite
7 Who among the following founded a teaching institution called Sarasvati Mandir at Ajmer ?
1 Vakpatiraja
2 Durlabharaja
3 Vigraharaja
4 Prithviraja

Answer: Vigraharaja
8 “It has been well known by all Muslims in every epoch, that at the end of time a man from the family (of the Prophet) will without fail make his appearance, one who will strengthen the religion and make justice triumph. The Muslims will follow him, and he will gain domination over the Muslim realm.” In the above para Ibn Khaldun is referring to the appearance of which of the following Messiah ?
1 Mahdi
2 Sahih
3 Mahiya
4 Mumtani

9 Which of the following Sasanid monarch established the colonies of 10,000 singers and dancers from Hindustan in Persia ?
1 Ardeshir
2 Shapur II
3 Bahram Gur
4 Yazdegerd II

Answer:Bahram Gur
10 Which of the following statement is not correct about Qutub complex, Delhi ?
1 It is pioneer in Indo-Islamic architecture.
2 It has first mosque in Delhi.
3 It has the highest stone tower of the Indian sub-continent.
4 Tomb of Qutubuddin Aibek is located on the right corner of the complex.

Answer: Tomb of Qutubuddin Aibek is located on the right corner of the complex.
11 Which of the following Sufi order propagated the doctrine of Wahdat-al-Shudud ?
1 Qadiriyas
2 Qalandariyas
3 Kubrawiyyas
4 Naqshabandiyas

12 Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi is associated with the silsilah of
1 Chishti
2 Suhrawardi
3 Shattari
4 Naqshbandi

Answer: Naqshbandi
13 The grave of Salar Masud Ghazi, one of the martyrs of the armies of Ghaznin, is located in
1 Agra
2 Bahraich
3 Gwalior
4 Mandu

14 Which of the following poet is attributed to have laid the foundation of Urdu poetry in the Awadh capital Lucknow ?
1 Siraj al-Din Ali Khan Arzu
2 Mir Taqi Mir
3 Nasikh and Atish
4 Mir Hasan

Answer: Siraj al-Din Ali Khan Arzu
15 Sawai Jaisingh is known for his interests in astronomy and established astronomical labs in the North India. He is also known to have patronized
1 Nilkantha
2 Vedangaraya
3 Samrata Jagannatha
4 Jagannatha Pandita

Answer:Samrata Jagannatha

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