Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set23

1 Who said, “I am thoroughly convinced that no individual or nation can live by holding itself apart from the community of others …. We are to give as well as take from others. We should give our ancient spirituality and culture and get in return/western sciences and technology.”
1 Swami Dayanand Saraswati
2 Mrs. Annie Besant
3 Lala Lajpat Rai
4 Swami Vivekanand

Answer: Swami Vivekanand
2 Which British statesman said : “The duty of the British government is to foster education among the natives, even though it might be their own high road back to England”
1 Warren Hastings
2 Thomas Munroe
3 Mountstuart Elphinstone
4 Lord Wellesley

Answer: Mountstuart Elphinstone
3 Who organized for the first time the All India Music Conference at Baroda in 1916 ?
1 Pandit Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale
2 Abraham Pandithar
3 Rabindranath Tagore
4 Pandit V.N. Bhatkhande

Answer:Pandit V.N. Bhatkhande
4 Who said the following : “This retention of Rowlatt legislation in the teeth of universal opposition is an affront to the nation. Its repeal is necessary to appease national honour.”
1 Lokmanya B.G. Tilak
2 Deshbandhu C.R. Das
3 Bipin Chandra Pal
4 Mahatma M.K. Gandhi

Answer: Mahatma M.K. Gandhi
5 Which architect designed the Victoria Memorial Hall in Calcutta (1906-21) in IndoIslamic features ?
1 William Emerson
2 Patrik Geddes
3 Bernard Mathews
4 Charles Correa

Answer:William Emerson
6 Of the essential tenets of the Gandhian system of education, which statement from among the following is not correct ?
1 Education must serve the nation’s needs.
2 The curricula should aim at serving primarily urban interest.
3 Equal importance was to be given to intellectual and manual work.
4 Mother tongue was to be medium of instruction at all levels.

Answer: Education must serve the nation’s needs.
7 When was the ‘Sangeet Natak Akademi – a National Academy for the Performing Arts’ established ?
1 1946
2 1951
3 1953
4 1956

Answer: 1953
8 When was the National School of Drama (NSD) at New Delhi established as the National Institute for Theatre Training ?
1 1957
2 1959
3 1963
4 1966

9 On the success of the Bardoli Satyagraha in February 1928, who of the following remarked “Bardoli lifted Gandhi out of the depression” ?
1 Sumit Sarkar
2 Judith Brown
3 A.R. Desai
4 C.A. Bayley

Answer:Sumit Sarkar
10 Which of the following Harappan sites has revealed polished pillar fragments ?
1 Rakhigarhi
2 Kalibangan
3 Dholavira
4 Mohenjodaro

11 Which of the following Gods in the Rigveda is also considered a prist (ritvij) who is a connecting link between men and Gods ?
1 Marut
2 Yama
3 Rudra
4 Agni

12 Which of the following God/Goddess in Kenopanishad realizes first that Brahman is the power behind all Gods ?
1 Indra
2 Vayu
3 Agni
4 Uma Haimvati

Answer: Uma Haimvati
13 Which of the following upanishads mentions clearly devotion (bhakti) towards preceptor (guru) for the first time ?
1 Aetareya upanishad
2 Prashna upanishad
3 Shvetashvatara upanishad
4 Mundaka upanishad

Answer:Shvetashvatara upanishad
14 Which one of the following texts refers to the Pancharatra cult as “lokatantra” or religion for all ?
1 Bhagavadgita
2 Bhagavata Purana
3 Ramayana
4 Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata

Answer: Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata
15 Heliodorus in his Garuddhvaja inscription says that three practices lead to eternity (Amrit Pada). Which of the following were these ?
1 non-violence (ahimsa), truth (satya), non-anger (akrodha)
2 exertion (dam), relinquishing (tyaga), non-laziness (apramada)
3 charity (dana), sacrifice (yajna), reading of scriptures (svadhyaya)
4 austerity (tapa), non-violence (ahimsa), truth (satya)

Answer:exertion (dam), relinquishing (tyaga), non-laziness (apramada)

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