Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set25

1 Which of the following occupations is considered as the most lucrative of all in the Panchatantra ?
1 Dealing with Perfumes
2 Mortgaging
3 Export of goods to foreign countries
4 Cattle trade

Answer: Dealing with Perfumes
2 The Buddha as one of the avataras of Vishnu was first depicted in art in the Pratihara period in which of the following manner ?
1 On the door lintel of the temple along with other avataras of Vishnu
2 As an independent deity inside the sanctum of vaishnava temples
3 Along with Subhadra and Balarama inside the temple
4 On the outer wall of the sanctum along with other avataras of Vishnu

Answer:On the door lintel of the temple along with other avataras of Vishnu
3 Which one of the following does not have chapters on Vrikshayurveda ?
1 Bhagavata Purana
2 Agni Purana
3 Brihat Samhita
4 Krishi Parashar

Answer:Bhagavata Purana
4 Which of the following rules was ordained for an adulterous woman in Vashishtha Dharma Sutra ?
1 The woman should be turned out of the house
2 The woman should never be abandoned and should be accepted after a three day penance
3 The woman’s Stridhana (woman’s property) should be confiscated
4 The woman should be tortured physically

Answer:The woman should be turned out of the house
5 Sherwani, a very popular attire in South Asia came from :
1 AvaSyrianti
2 West Asia
3 Egypt
4 Central Asia

Answer:Central Asia
6 Which one of the following was not the member of Akbar’s Tauhid - i - Ilahi ?
1 Abul Fazl
2 Shaikh Mubarak
3 Birbal
4 Tansen

7 Which of the following sultan did not like to appoint base and low - born persons to the higher positions in the government ?
1 Sultan Iltutmish
2 Sultan Mubarak Khalji
3 Sultan Balban
4 Sultan Bahlol Lodhi

Answer: Sultan Iltutmish
8 Guru Nanak, before his death at Kartarpur in 1539, rejecting the claims of his sons, declared his disciple Guru Angad as his successor. What was the original name of Guru Angad ?
1 Bhai Jetha
2 Lehna
3 Bhai Gurdas
4 Bhai Prithi

9 Early Marathi literature was dominated by Saiva Nathpanthis. Which one of the following Marathi works do not belong to Nathpanthi tradition ?
1 Viveka Darpana
2 Viveka Sindhu
3 Gorakhagita
4 Bhavartha Dipika

Answer:Bhavartha Dipika
10 Which one of the following musical treatises mentions first time the division of Indian musical form into the Hindustani and Karnataka style ?
1 Sangeet Ratnakar
2 Ghunyat-ul Munya
3 Sangeet Sudhakar
4 Raag Tarangini

Answer: Sangeet Sudhakar
11 Which of the following statement/s is/are correct ?
1 Firoz Tughluq had 1,80,000 slaves.
2 Firoz Tughluq employed 12,000 slaves as artisans in his Karkhanas.
3 Malik Kafur, the architect of Alauddin’s southern campaigns, was a slave
4 All the above.

Answer:All the above.
12 For which of the following rivers, Babur writes, ‘the Hindus firmly believe that, if its water touch a person, the merit of his works is destroyed, with this belief its name accords’ ?
1 Sutlej
2 Karma-nasa
3 Ravi
4 Chinab

Answer: Karma-nasa
13 Prince Dara Shikoh compiled his famous treatise Majma-ul Bahrain after having discussions with :
1 Baba Lal and Mian Mir
2 Baba Lal and Sarmad
3 Mulla Shah Badakshi and Chander Bhan Brahman
4 Baba Lal and Sayyid Niamat Allah

Answer:Baba Lal and Mian Mir
14 Which of the following sultan is known to have established daru’sh shifa for public in Delhi ?
1 Sultan Iltutmish
2 Sultan Alauddin Khalji
3 Sultan Firoz Shah Tughluq
4 Sultan Sikander Lodi

Answer: Sultan Firoz Shah Tughluq (
1 Indian Paintings
2 Indian music and dance
3 Study of Indian languages and scriptures
4 Indian sculpture

Answer: Study of Indian languages and scriptures

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