Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set26

1 Who said “what we see around us today is a fallen nation. A nation whose primitive greatness lies buried in ruins” ?
1 Devendranath Tagore
2 Rammohan Roy
3 Keshabchandra Sen
4 Shivanath Sastry

Answer: Keshabchandra Sen
2 Altaf Hussain Wali wrote nationalist poetry in :
1 Hindi
2 Urdu
3 Bengali
4 Gujarati

3 Which Governor General passed The Press Law on 3rd August 1835 which removed all restrictions on the Press ?
1 Sir Charles Metcalfe
2 Lord William Cavendish Bentinck
3 Lord Hastings
4 Lord Ellenborough

Answer:Sir Charles Metcalfe
4 Which was the greatest achievement of Wahabi School of thought in India ?
1 Establishment of Madrisa-i-Qadima of Farang Mahal
2 Foundation of Nadwat-al-Ulama of Lucknow
3 Establishment of Naqshbandiya School at Delhi
4 Foundation of Dar-ul-Ulumat Deoband

Answer:Foundation of Dar-ul-Ulumat Deoband
5 The goal of the Muslim women educators was “to create women who would be better wives, better mothers and better muslims”. Who said this ?
1 Gail Minault
2 Gail Omvedt
3 Christophe Jefferlat
4 Geraldine Forbes

Answer:Foundation of Dar-ul-Ulumat Deoband
6 Which Bengali Painter from among the following wanted art to be of universal language and not limited to a particular school ?
1 Gaganendranath Tagore
2 Jamini Roy
3 Rabindranath Tagore
4 Govardhan Ash

Answer:Rabindranath Tagore
7 Which of the following mesolithic sites has yielded the extensive evidence of huts ?
1 Baghai Khor
2 Birbhanpur
3 Chopni Mando
4 Lekhania

Answer: Chopni Mando
8 The earliest archaeological evidence for silk in India comes from :
1 Ahar
2 Navdatoli
3 Nevasa
4 Prakash

9 Which of the following is the most extensive Harappan sites ?
1 Banawali
2 Kalibangan
3 Lothal
4 Rakhigarhi

10 Which of the following books of the Rigveda contains the mantras of the seers of Vasishtha family ?
1 Book III
2 Book V
3 Book VII
4 Book VIII

Answer: Book VII
11 During the time of Vedic Sutras which of the following rituals was intended to secure good luck to maiden in marriage ?
1 Rudrabali
2 Rudrayaga
3 Sitayajna
4 Sulagava

12 The Gautama Dharmasutra lays down hightest punishment for the crime of theft to :
1 Brahmana
2 Kshatriya
3 Vaisya
4 Sudra

Answer: Brahmana
13 The famous physician of Magadha during the time of Gautama Buddha was :
1 Agnivesa
2 Kasyapa
3 Jivaka
4 Vagbhata

14 Where did Gautama Buddha spent his last rainy season ?
1 Nalanda
2 Rajagriha
3 Vaisali
4 Sravasti

Answer: Vaisali
15 Who among the following Mahabharata ladies was married according to the custom of Asura Vivaha ?
1 Draupadi
2 Gandhari
3 Madri
4 Kunti


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