Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set29

1 Which one of the following statements is not correct ?
1 Emperor Akbar forbode the use of beef as the cow was considered a sacred animal for the Hindus.
2 When a mughal official Haji Sultan of Thanesar killed a cow, he was transferred from the place as punishment.
3 Aquavira’s letter dated september 27, 1582 complained that the Jesuits were unable to gets meat on sundays.
4 Emperor Aurengzib encouraged the public to eat beef.

Answer: Emperor Aurengzib encouraged the public to eat beef.
2 Where are the duties of the Khalsa Sikhs in relation to the dharmsala (gurudwara) and its management enunciated ?
1 Janamsakhis
2 Japujis
3 Mahima Prakash
4 Rahitnamas

3 Read the following passage, and point out the author who made the comment as indicated below : “Muslims and Hindus travelled 100-200 karoh’s to catch a glimpse of the court, and the pomp and splendour of the cavalcade of Sultan Balban, and were wonder-struck and arranged at the spectacle, hearing about the awe, majesty and grandeur of the court and the cavalcade, the insurgents of distant lands turned obedient”.
1 Hasan Nizami
2 Zia-ud din Barani
3 Abul Fazl
4 Bhim Sen

Answer:Zia-ud din Barani
4 “He refused to acknowledge caste distinctions or to recognise the authority of the Six Hindu Schools of philosophy, nor did he set any store by the four divisions of life (ashrams) prescribed for Brahmans. He held that religion (dharma) without devotion (bhakti) was no religion at all (adharma), and that asceticism, fasting and alms giving had no value if not accompanied by adoration (bhajana)”. The above statement of Nabhadas in his Bhaktmal was made for which of the following saint ?
1 Kabir
2 Guru Nanak
3 Dadu
4 Ravidas

5 To which of his sons, Babur sent from India an inlaid dagger with belt, an inlaid ink-stand, a stool, together with alphabet of the Baburi script and fragments written in that script ?
1 Humayun
2 Kamran
3 Askari
4 Hindal

6 In the following statement there is blank space and the blank space is to be filled up with the language given below : Statement :“Suyurghal was a __________ word meaning charity land.” Choose the correct language :
1 Turkish
2 Arabic
3 Persian
4 Pashtu

7 Shaikh Muhammad Ghaus of Gwalior translated treatise on yoga ‘Amritkunda’ into Persian. What was it entitled ?
1 Yoga Qalandar
2 Rushdnama
3 Bahr-al Hayat
4 Majma-al Bahrain

Answer: Bahr-al Hayat
8 Who started the journal “Indian Antiquary’ ?
1 Sir Edwin Arnold
2 James Burgess
3 Monier Williams
4 Sir John Marshall

Answer:James Burgess
9 Which administrator-historian of British India, disregarding James Mill’s out-pour on Indian history, agreed with Vico’s concept that “human nature can never be measured by common yard-stick. It differed in time and space, region to region, period to period” ?
1 Thomas Munro
2 James Malcolm
3 Mountstuart Elphinstone
4 James Grant-Duff

Answer: Mountstuart Elphinstone
10 Who wrote, “The chief value of the Raja’s (Raja Rammohan Roy) labour, to our mind, seems to lie in his fight against the forces of medievalism in India, and it is for this reason that we claim him the honour of being the father of the present Indian Renaissance.“
1 Keshub Chandra Sen
2 Bipin Chandra Pal
3 Chittaranjan
4 Rabindranath Tagore

Answer:Bipin Chandra Pal
11 Who among the following was not a Baptist missionary of Serampore ?
1 Dr. John Wilson
2 William Carey
3 Jushua Marshman
4 William Ward

Answer:Dr. John Wilson
12 Which one of the following social ideals of Arya Samaj is not correct ?
1 The Samaj believed in the ‘Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man’.
2 The Samaj defended the caste system in its existing form.
3 The Samaj believed in ‘Equality between genders - between man and man, also between man and woman’
4 The Samaj believed in, ‘Equal opportunities for all according to their nature, actions and merit’.

Answer: The Samaj defended the caste system in its existing form.
13 Who founded the ‘Parsee Gayan Uttejak Mandali’ in 1870 ?
1 Shapurji Sorabji Bengali
2 Dadabhai Naoroji
3 Kaikhusroo Naoroji Kabraji
4 Behramji Merwanji Malabari

Answer: Kaikhusroo Naoroji Kabraji
14 Of the ideological basis of the Prarthana Samaj as formulated by M.G. Ranade in his ‘A Theist Confession of Faith’ (1883), which of the following statements is not correct ?
1 It sought to reconcile Hinduism to the spirit of progress and transform it into spiritual enlightenment as against crude superstition.
2 It believed in idol worship and divine origin of scriptures.
3 The Samaj drew its strength particularly from the Bhakti saints of Maharashtra.
4 It believed in ‘Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man’

Answer: It believed in idol worship and divine origin of scriptures.
15 Select the correct pair from the following :
1 The All India Depressed Classes Association - 1925
2 The All India Depressed Classes Congress - 1929
3 The All India Depressed Classes League - 1935
4 The All India Scheduled Caste Federation - 1941

Answer:The All India Depressed Classes League - 1935

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