Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set34

1 In which of the following texts do we get information about the hierarchy of officers in the context of villages for the first time ?
1 Manu Smriti
2 Brihaspati Smriti
3 Narada Smriti
4 Katyayana Smriti

Answer: Manu Smriti
2 In which of the following stupas were the relics of Sariputra and Moggalana found ?
1 Sanchi stupa no.1
2 Sanchi stupa no. 3
3 Satadhara stupa
4 Deor kothar stupa

Answer:Sanchi stupa no. 3
3 In which of the following king’s court Apostle Thomas visited ?
1 Vonones
2 Gondophernes
3 Demetrius
4 Euthydemus

4 Which of the following sects has the theory of Vyuhas ?
1 Pashupata
2 Kapalika
3 Pancaratra
4 Sarvastivada

5 The Nainar Shaiva saints were followers of which of the following doctrines ?
1 Pashupata Shaivism
2 Pratyabhijna Shaivism
3 Shaiva Siddhanta Shaivism
4 Vira Shaivism

Answer: Shaiva Siddhanta Shaivism
6 Which of the following texts gives details of ship building techniques ?
1 Kritya kalpataru
2 Yukti kalpataru
3 Samaraickakaha
4 Bhavishyatkaha

Answer: Yukti kalpataru
7 Which of the following texts describes the techniques for making hair dyes and perfumes ?
1 Amar kosha
2 Brihat samhita
3 Samanta pasadika
4 Puratan Prabandha Sangraha

Answer: Brihat samhita
8 Araghattaghatiyantra was a device for which of the following purposes ?
1 For the measurement of time
2 For the measurement of land
3 For irrigation
4 For weaving cloth

Answer:For irrigation
9 Which among the following was the rate of fallow land in East Bengal during the Gupta Period ?
1 Two to three dinaras per kulyavapa
2 Four to five dinaras per kulyavapa
3 One dinar per kulyavapa
4 Six dinaras per kulyavapa

Answer:Two to three dinaras per kulyavapa
10 Which of the following Puranas has portions relating to science of nutrition and health ?
1 Vayu Purana
2 Vishnu Purana
3 Bhagavata Purana
4 Garuda Purana

Answer:Garuda Purana
11 From which of the following Gupta inscriptions do we know that one dinar was equal to sixteen rupakas ?
1 Damodarpur inscription of 443 CE
2 Dhanaidah inscription of 432 CE
3 Begram inscription of 447 CE
4 Sanchi inscription of 412 CE

Answer: Begram inscription of 447 CE
12 The Tamil tradition attributes Silappadikaram to :
1 Ilangovadigal
2 Kamban
3 Sattan
4 Tiruttakkadevar

Answer: Ilangovadigal
13 A bronge image of which of the following South Indian saints has been found ?
1 Tiruppan
2 Appar
3 Karaikkal Ammaiyar
4 Vipra Narain

Answer: Karaikkal Ammaiyar
14 “Bhumij style” of temple architecture is a regional variation of which of the following ?
1 Nagar style
2 Vesara style
3 Dravida style
4 Rock cut style of chaityas

Answer: Nagar style
15 In which of the following way is the Yajna Varaha a form of Vishnu depicted in North India ?
1 Anthropomorphically
2 Theriomorphically
3 Mixed form of Anthropomorphic and Theriomorphic forms
4 In the middle of Yajna Vedi


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