Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set35

1 Manikkavasagar’s verses in Tiruvasagam are famous for which of the following forms of Shiva ?
1 Bhikshanat form
2 Dakshinamurti form
3 Nataraj form
4 Tripurantak form

Answer: Nataraj form
2 Vijnaneshwar the author of Mitakshara lived in which of the following places ?
1 Kannauj under Mihirbhoja
2 Malava under Bhoj Paramar
3 Kalyani under the Chalukyas
4 Kanchi under the Pallavas

Answer:Kalyani under the Chalukyas
3 About which of the “untouchable” saint is the legend that he was carried on the shoulders of Shrirangam priest to the temple ?
1 Poigai
2 Tirumangai
3 Putattar
4 Tiruppan

4 Which one of the following text on medicine is also known as the Bower manuscript ?
1 Bhela Samhita
2 Sushrut Samhita
3 Ashtanga hridaya
4 Navanitaka

5 Which of the following inscriptions refers to the giving of collective tax by traders of Karnata, Lata, Madhyadesha and Takka ?
1 Sanchi inscription of 412 CE
2 Mandsore inscription of 436 CE
3 Udaipur inscription of 953 CE
4 Jhalarapatan inscription of 1086 CE

Answer:Udaipur inscription of 953 CE
6 Which of the following women saints was a follower of Virashaiva tradition ?
1 Karaikkal Ammayar
2 Lal Ded (Lalleshwari)
3 Akka Mahadevi
4 Mangaiyarkkarasiyar

Answer:Akka Mahadevi
7 The weight of Gupta dinar (gold coin) of 124 grains would be :
1 4.2 grams
2 5.25 grams
3 6.02 grams
4 8.04 grams

Answer: 8.04 grams
8 Tengalai and Vadagalai subsects issued from which of the following ?
1 Shrivaishnav sect
2 Vira shaiva sect
3 Shrinatha sect
4 Pashupata sect

Answer:Shrivaishnav sect
9 The writer of Advaya siddhi Lakshminkara was a spiritual teacher of which of the following schools ?
1 Advaita of Shankara
2 Krama tantricism of Kashmir
3 Pancaratra tantra
4 Buddhist tantra

Answer:Buddhist tantra
10 The Buddhist goddess Tara is elevated to the position of highest deity for the first time in which of the following texts ?
1 Manjushri mula kalpa
2 Guhya samaja
3 Mahapratyangira dharini
4 Buddha kapala tantra

Answer:Mahapratyangira dharini
11 Which of the Lodi Sultans debarred women from visiting the graves of the saints or taking part in the processions taken out in their memory ?
1 Bahlul Lodi
2 Sikandar Lodi
3 Ibrahim Lodi
4 None of the above

Answer:Sikandar Lodi
12 In the fourteenth century, ingredients used in the pan (betel leaves) were :
1 Betel leaves, lime and nuts
2 Betel leave, lime and tobacco
3 Betel leaves, lime and katha
4 Betel leaves, nuts and tobacco

Answer: Betel leaves, lime and nuts
13 Which sufi saint is known to have given up eating meat and identified himself with the local peasantry ?
1 Shaikh Moin-ud din Chishti
2 Shaikh Hamid ud din Nagori
3 Shaikh Qutbuddin Bakhtyar Kaki
4 Shaikh Farid Ganj Shakar

Answer:Shaikh Hamid ud din Nagori
14 From the following point out name of the Sultan of Delhi Sultanate who used to play holi :
1 Iltutmish
2 Alauddin Khalji
3 Mubarak Khalji
4 Muhammad-bin Tughlaq

Answer: Muhammad-bin Tughlaq
15 Ibn Battuta, who came to India in the fourteenth century and recorded his travel experiences in his book popularly called Rehla, belonged to :
1 Syria
2 Egypt
3 Morocco
4 Nigeria


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