Indian Culture Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Indian Culture Solved MCQs Set 7

1 According to the Periplus and Maduraikkanji Sangam work, a pearl fishery was located at :
1 Arikamedu
2 Korkai
3 Kaveripattinam
4 Muziris

2 The Sunyavada teachings of Nagarjuna are said to have influenced a prominent philosophy of the Hinduism :
1 Advaita of Sankara
2 Dvaita of Madhva
3 Suddhadvaita of Vallabha
4 Visishtadvaita of Ramanuja

Answer:Advaita of Sankara
3 Which of the following is not correct about the Ashokan pillars ?
1 Inverted lotus appears at the top of the shaft.
2 The shaft is smooth and round tapering with polish.
3 The pillars stand on the bases either rectangular or circular.
4 The pillars have capitals with abacus and independent animals carved in the round.

Answer: The pillars stand on the bases either rectangular or circular.
4 What was the symbol associated with the Tirthankara Ajitanatha ?
1 Bull
2 Elephant
3 Horse
4 Swastika

Answer: Elephant
5 That both Gautama Buddha and Mahavira were contempories is known from :
1 Vinayapitaka
2 Isibhasiam
3 Divyavadana
4 Acharanga Sutta

Answer: Vinayapitaka
6 Which one of the following Major Rock Edicts of Ashoka prohibits the killing of animals in the Royal kitchen ?
1 I
2 IV
3 VI

7 The earliest inscriptional reference to Vasudeva is found in the :
1 Junagarh Rock inscription
2 Aihole inscription
3 Allahabad pillar inscription
4 Besnagar pillar inscription

Answer:Besnagar pillar inscription
8 The river goddess Ganga is represented on a Gupta gold coin type of :
1 Samudragupta
2 Chandragupta II
3 Kumaragupta I
4 Skandagupta

Answer:Kumaragupta I
9 Which of the following stupa in Andhra Pradesh is enshrining the mortal remains of the Buddha ?
1 Amaravati stupa
2 Bhattiprolu stupa
3 Nagarjunakonda stupa
4 Jaggayyapeta stupa

Answer: Bhattiprolu stupa
10 The Sikhara of the Draupadi ratha at Mahabalipuram is in the style of :
1 a hut
2 Dravida temples
3 Nagara temples
4 Flat top

Answer: a hut
11 Which of the following kings is known to have performed four Asvamedha sacrifices ?
1 Sunga king Pushyamitra
2 Gupta king Kumaragupta I
3 Vakataka king Pravarasena I
4 Chalukya king Pulakesin I

Answer:Vakataka king Pravarasena I
12 Whose coins represent the two-masted type ship ?

(a) Gautamiputra Satakarni

(b) Yajnasri Satakarni

(c) Vasishtiputra Pulamayi

(d) Sri Satakarni

Code :
1 (b) andU (c)
2 (a) andU (b)
3 (c) andU (d)
4 (a) and (c)

Answer:(b) andU (c)
13 Which school of art used schist stone as material for sculptures ?
1 Amaravati
2 Gandhara
3 Mathura
4 Saranath

14 Teachings of Lalla Ded represented the :
1 Suhrawardi silsilah
2 Advaita Shaivism
3 Budhism
4 Vaishnavism

Answer: Advaita Shaivism
15 What is/are true about the Alvars ?

(a) Alvar hymns in Tamil were composed in honour of God Vishnu and his incarnations, Rama and Krishna

(b) Tirumurai is the sacred literature of the Alvar in Tamil (c) Andal, a female Alvar, lyrically depicted life of Krishna in her hymns

Select the correct answer from the code given below :
1 (a) and (b)
2 (b) and (c)
3 (b) only
4 (a) and (c)

Answer: (a) and (c)

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