Library & Information Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Library & Information Science Quiz Set 37

1 Books of Unknown or doubtful authorship is known as :
1 Apograph
2 Incunabulla
3 Apocryphal books
4 Blue Books

Answer: Apocryphal books
2 If we plot ‘recall’ and precision on ‘X’ and ‘Y’ axis to draw a graph,then we get a
1 Downward sloping straight line
2 Upward sloping straight line
3 ‘α’ shaped curve
4 Hyperbola

Answer: Hyperbola
3 The term ‘Literary warrant’ for book classification was introduced by
1 W.C.B. Sayers
2 Wyndham Hulme
3 J.D. Brown
4 H.E. Bliss

Answer: W.C.B. Sayers
4 Under which approach of Wersig- Neveling’s information theory, information is seen as static relations between physical objects which may be perceived or not ?
1 The meaning approach
2 The structural approach
3 The process approach
4 The knowledge approach

Answer: The structural approach
5 Which information theory focuses on the purpose of communication is, to inform, instruct or motivate the receiver ?
1 Shannon’s Theory
2 Weaver’s Theory
3 Ackoff’s Theory
4 Yovit’s Theory

Answer: Ackoff’s Theory
6 ‘Noise’ in Information retrieval is due to
1 Precision
2 Recall
3 Relevant Information
4 Redundant Information

Answer: Redundant Information
7 In which scheme of classification, special auxiliaries denote locally recurrent characteristics ?
1 Deuey Decimal Classification
2 Universal Decimal Classification
3 Bibliographic Classification
4 Colon Classification

Answer: Universal Decimal Classification
8 Which of the following makes a network insecured ?
1 Encryption
2 (A) is false but (R) is true.
3 Password Capture
4 Static Keys

Answer: Password Capture
9 Whose model of communication of knowledge suggests that communication is an open system ?
1 G. Garbner
2 Juger Hebermans
3 Shannon & Weaver
4 M. Foucault

Answer: G. Garbner
10 ‘Trans Border Data Flow’ means
1 Exchange of documents between countries
2 Free flow of information between countries
3 Flow of information between countries
4 Exchange of electronic information between countries

Answer: Flow of information between countries
11 Which of the following three types of basic languages are used in computer programming ?
1 Procedural, Non-procedural and Unconditional
2 Zero, Low and High levels
3 Machine, Assembly and High level languages

Answer: COBOL, BASIC and C
12 FRBR Model consist of which of the following four entities ?
1 Personality, Matter, Energy, Space
2 Work, Expression, Manifestation,Item
3 Book, Form, Availability, Type
4 Action, Place, Impact, Category

Answer: Work, Expression, Manifestation,Item
13 The primary distinction between RDA and AACR is
1 Structural
2 Relational
3 Non-structural
4 Combinational

Answer: Structural
14 Damodaran Committee appointed in 1971 to review working of
1 Medical College Libraries
2 National Science Libraries
3 Agriculture Libraries
4 Polytechnic Libraries

Answer: Polytechnic Libraries
15 Which form of reasoning is the process of drawing a specific conclusion from a set of premises ?
1 Rationalism
2 Deductive reasoning
3 Inductive reasoning
4 Probabilistic

Answer: Deductive reasoning

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