Library & Information Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Library & Information Science Quiz Set 41

1 Who developed Repertory Grid Technique for assessing how the users view the world from their own perspective ?
1 A. Delphi
2 Calvin Mooer
3 J. Belkin
4 George Kelley

Answer: George Kelley
2 A chart in which some figures are broken down into its constituent parts is
1 Bar chart
2 Column chart
3 Pie chart
4 Band chart

Answer: Pie chart
3 OAISTER is an example of digital libraries architecture based on
2 Software Agents Architecture
3 Federated Database System
4 Metadata Harvesting

Answer: Metadata Harvesting
4 In colon classification which indicator has been used for indicating interpolation ?
1 Comma
2 Hyphen
3 Astericks
4 Ampersand

Answer: Astericks
5 RSS feed is a tool of
1 Web 2.0
2 Web 1.0
3 Web 3.0
4 Graphic Design

Answer: Web 2.0
6 The use of more words or symbols than are necessary to convey a meaning results in
1 Efficiency
2 Accuracy
3 Redundancy
4 Precision

Answer: Redundancy
7 A rubber stamp impressed on the verso of title page giving information concerning the records and processing of each individual book acquired is called
1 Book stamp
2 Process stamp
3 Date stamp
4 Accession stamp

Answer: Accession stamp
8 Ontology is
1 A Documentation service
2 An Indexing method
3 Classification of Internet based documents
4 Cataloguing of Internet based documents

Answer: Classification of Internet based documents
9 In colon classification, whichmnemonic is displayed in the use of digit ‘4’ as for pathology, disease, transport, hybrid etc. ?
1 Seminal
2 Systematic
3 Scheduled
4 Alphabetical

Answer: Seminal
10 Name the similarity measure in which similarity of a document is adjusted such that the similarity of a document to itself is 1.
1 Cosine measure
2 Distance measure
3 Swet’s measure
4 Normalised similarity measure

Answer: Normalised similarity measure
11 Who is the compiler of Web-Bibliography of Rabindranath Tagore ?
1 Bengal Library Association
3 National Library of India

Answer: RRRLF
12 Who are the publishers of ‘Year Book on Human Rights’ ?
1 United Nations
2 Ministry of Law, Govt. of India
3 Europa Publishers
4 R.R. Bowker

Answer: United Nations
13 A characteristic in which information tends to leak and the more it leaks, the more we have, is
1 Synergetic characteristics
2 Diffusive characteristics
3 Compressible characteristics
4 Shareable characteristics

Answer: Diffusive characteristics
14 The distinct characteristic(s) of digital objects are
1 Physical Medium
2 Logical process
3 Conceptual recognition and transaction
4 All the above

Answer: All the above
15 ‘Who’s who in India’, an irregularpublication is published by
1 Business Press, Bombay
2 Sterling, New Delhi
3 Tradesman & Men Asia, Delhi
4 Sahitya Samsad, Calcutta

Answer: Business Press, Bombay

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