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Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | MBA BBA Quiz Set 41

1 Which of the following organizations play an active role to prevent the contagion situation of crisis, such as the Greek Sovereign debt crisis ?
2 World Bank

2 As a part of the WTO Guidelines, the Agreement on Agriculture (AOA) does not include :
1 Direct payments to farmers are permitted.
2 Indirect assistance and support to farmers including R and D support by Government are not permitted.
3 Domestic policies which directly affect production and trade have to be cut back.
4 Least developed countries do not need to make any cuts.

Answer: Indirect assistance and support to farmers including R and D support by Government are not permitted.
3 In the market-oriented system, for the allocation of resources which one of the following is the most appropriate conveyor of information ?
1 Finance Ministry
2 Central Bank
3 Market Price
4 Advertisement Expenditure

Answer:Market Price
4 A company supplies 20 units of a particular product per month, at a price of ` 10 per unit. If price elasticity of supply is 5, how many units would the company supply at a price of ` 15 ?
1 50
2 70
3 40
4 5

5 Which characteristic is not likely to be a part of perfect competition ?
1 Absence of interdepence
2 Deadweight loss is non-existent
3 Strong rivalry
4 Absence of advertisement

Answer: Strong rivalry
6 In the recent years, world economy has witnessed the influence of unconventional monetary policy of the U.S.A. This policy stance is known as
1 Bank rate
2 Taylor rule
3 Reserve requirement
4 Quantitative easing

Answer:Quantitative easing
7 Rita, a young enthusiastic manager has joined an organization as a project co-ordinator. The project head counsels her to socialize less with non-management employees; whereas the product head tells her to learn more about market issues. She should socialize more with the non-management employees. Rita is confused, she is facing
1 Inter-role conflict
2 Intra-role conflict
3 Interdepartmental conflict
4 Hierarchical conflict

Answer: Intra-role conflict
8 The conflict over content and goals of the work is called
1 Functional conflict
2 Process conflict
3 Relationship conflict
4 Task conflict

Answer:Task conflict
9 _________ theory of motivation ignores the inner state of the individual and concentrates solely on what happens when he or she takes some action.
1 Equity
2 Expectancy
3 Goal-setting
4 Reinforcement

Answer: Reinforcement
10 Which one of the following is true in case of an Intrapreneur ?
1 He is a job provider
2 He is independent in his operations
3 He assumes risk and uncertainty
4 He does not raise funds required for the enterprise

Answer: He does not raise funds required for the enterprise
11 In the “Big Five” personality factors widely accepted personality traits are mentioned. The trait of being dependable, organized, conforming and persevering on tasks is called
1 Extroversion
2 Conscientiousness
3 Agreeableness
4 Emotional stability

Answer: Conscientiousness
12 Given below are four statements. Some of the statements are incorrect. You have to choose the correct one.
1 A satisfied employee is a motivated employee.
2 Employees who are happy “being around” are good contributors to the organization.
3 Motivated employees do not need engagement.
4 Customer loyalty has been found to be positively correlated with employee engagement.

Answer:Customer loyalty has been found to be positively correlated with employee engagement.
13 The author of the book ‘The World is Flat : A Brief History of the Twenty First Century’ is
1 Thomas L. Friedman
2 Raghuram Rajan
3 Michael Armstrong
4 Vineet Nayyar

Answer:Thomas L. Friedman
14 ESOP stands for __________ and was developed by __________
1 Employee Stock Ownership Plans; Wallace Forbes
2 Employee Stock Ownership Programs; Louis Kelso
3 Employee Stock Ownership Plans; Louis Kelso
4 Employee Share Ownership Programs; Louis Kelso

Answer: Employee Stock Ownership Plans; Louis Kelso
15 Consider the following two statements :

Statement I : Bond value would decline when the market rate of interest rises.

Statement II : There is a positive relationship between the value of a bond interest rate and the Select the correct code :

Codes :
1 Statement I and Statement II both are correct.
2 Statement I is correct, but Statement II is incorrect.
3 Statement II is correct, but Statement I is incorrect.
4 Statement I and Statement II both are incorrect.


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