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Mass Communication & Journalism Objective Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Mass Communication & Journalism MCQs Set 40

1 Identify the correct chronological order of the launching of the satellite from the following :
1 Sputnik, ARPA, Syncom I, Syncom II
2 Sputnik, Syncom I, Syncom II, ARPA
3 Syncom I, Syncom II, Sputnik, ARPA
4 ARPA, Sputnik, Syncom I, Syncom II

Answer:Sputnik, ARPA, Syncom I, Syncom II
2 Find out the correct sequencing of elements in the transactional perceptual pattern of Human Communication :
1 Processual, Systemic, Perceptual and Creating Meaning
2 Creating Meaning, Processual, Systemic, Perceptual
3 Systemic, Processual, Creating Meaning, Perceptual
4 Systemic, Perceptual, Creating Meaning and Processual

Answer:Systemic, Perceptual, Creating Meaning and Processual


3 Embedded journalism is considered as a type of
1 military offensive
2 advertising
3 categorisation of news
4 news management

Answer: news management
4 Inner margin of a book or document refers to
1 foot note
2 colophon
3 gutter
4 swash

Answer: gutter
5 Magazines have well-defined formats to reach out to
1 conflicting interests
2 competing editors
3 TV news produces
4 select audiences

Answer: select audiences
6 Factor of _______ has contributed for the emergence of a specialized media audience.
1 localisation
2 culture
3 personal mobility
4 work pressure

Answer: personal mobility
7 In semiotics, smoke is considered as
1 vertical communication
2 horizontal communication
3 circular communication
4 indexial communication

Answer: indexial communication
8 In communication, pleasure results from a particular relationship between meanings and _____.
1 contentions
2 power
3 manipulation
4 isolation

Answer: power
9 ‘Another communication’ is
1 receiver-centric
2 sender-centric
3 channel-centric
4 technology-centric

Answer: receiver-centric
10 The term ‘audiences’ recognises ________ of media consumers.
1 the homogeneity
2 the heterogeneity
3 the passiveness
4 the resistance

Answer: the homogeneity
11 Louis Wirth and Talcott Parsons see mass communication as a tool of
1 economic control
2 social control
3 intellectual control
4 political control

Answer:social control
12 When the consequences of exposure to a communicated message get delayed, it is known as ______
1 exposure limit
2 deferred effect
3 restrictive limit
4 sleeper effect

Answer: sleeper effect
13 Who is the author of ‘Saving the Media’ ?
1 Anil Dharkar
2 Julia Cage
3 Desmond Titu
4 Olivier Blanchard

Answer: Julia Cage
14 John Fiske considers speech as a
1 non-contiguous code
2 social code
3 unreal code
4 disabling code

Answer: social code
15 Truth of the statement is not a defence against
1 defamation
2 breach of privilege
3 official secret violation
4 contempt of court

Answer: contempt of court

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