Air Pollution MCQs | Air Pollution Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 What is the residence time (average time a particle is active in a given system) of carbon monoxide?
A 11-15 years
B 0.1-0.3 years
C 0.5 years
D Few minutes

Answer: 0.1-0.3 years
2 What type of precautions will be taken to survive when ozone level is high?
A Drive less
B Stay hydrated
C Avoid using gas powered engines
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above
3 Secondary air pollutant is
A Ozone
B Carbon monoxide
C Nitrogen Dioxide
D Sulphur dioxide

Answer: Ozone
4 SMOG is derived from
A Smoke
B Fog
C Both A and B
D Only A

Answer: Both A and B
5 Proportion of CO consumption consists of basic components:
A The leaf boundary layer
B The stomata
C Radiation exchange
D All of Above

Answer: All of Above
6 What is Air Quality Index?
A It tells about the sound pollution
B It measures air pollution mainly sulphur content in the air
C It measures ozone levels in your area
D It checks the colour of the air

Answer: It measures ozone levels in your area
7 Which of the following is an organic gas?
A Hydrocarbons
B Aldehydes
C Ketones
D Ammonia

Answer: Ammonia
8 Which of the following leads to a disease called broncho spasm?

Answer: SO3
9 Which of the following gases has the highest affinity for blood haemoglobin?
A Carbon dioxide
B Oxygen
C Carbon monoxide
D Nitrogen

Answer: Carbon monoxide
10 Which is/are the most significant air-borne allergen(s)?
A Fungi
B Pollen
C Soot
D All of the mentioned

Answer: Pollen
11 Which of the following is responsible for turning yellow Taj Mahal?
A Nitrogen dioxide
B Sulphur
C Chlorine
D Sulphur dioxide

Answer: Sulphur dioxide
12 The boiler flue gas is source of
D Volatile organic compounds

Answer: NO
13 The threshold concentration of sulphur dioxide in any industrial activity should not be permitted beyond
A 2ppm
B 3ppm
C 4ppm
D 5ppm

Answer: 5ppm
14 Ozone is formed in the upper atmosphere by a photochemical reaction with
A Ultra violet solar radiation
B Infra red radiation
C Visible light
D All of the above

Answer: Ultra violet solar radiation
15 The major contributor of Carbon monoxide is
A Motor vehicle
B Industrial processes
C Stationary fuel combustion
D None of the above

Answer: Motor vehicle
16 The maximum size of fly ash is
A 1μm
B 100μm
C 1000μm
D 10μm

Answer: 1000μm
17 Which gas is mainly produced due to incomplete burning of wood?

Answer: CO
18 At what concentration can the taste and smell of sulphur dioxide be detected?
A 1000-2000ppm
B 11-30ppm
C 500-700ppm
D 0.1-0.3ppm

Answer: 0.1-0.3ppm
19 Which of the following are sources to fluorine air pollution?
A Coal combustion
B Steel industries
C Phosphate fertiliser manufacturing
D All of the mentioned

Answer: All of the mentioned
20 Which is the largest source for production of nitrous oxide?
A Chemical industry
B Fertiliser industry
C Fossil fuel combustion
D Bacterial action

Answer: Bacterial action