Animal Biotechnology Quiz | Animal Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 Bar eye character of Drosophila is due to
A duplication in region of 16A of X chromosome
B due to a point mutation in eye-locus
C deletion in region of 16A of X chromosome
D due to presence of additional X-chromosome

Answer: duplication in region of 16A of X chromosome
2 Transmission of a gene from male parent to female child to male grand child is known as
A criss-cross inheritance
B maternal inheritance
C holandric inheritance
D quantitative inheritance

Answer: criss-cross inheritance
3 If two genes show 50% recombination
A they are on same chromosome but far apart
B they are on different chromosomes
C both (a) and (b)
D they are closely located on the same chromosome

Answer: both (a) and (b)
4 A map of chromosomes that utilizes cloned and sequenced DNA fragments rather than genetic markers is known as
A a cloning map
B a physical map
C a genetic map
D none of these

Answer: a physical map
5 In a dihybrid cross, the progeny of an Fl individual (hetero2ygous for both characters) will show a phenotypic ratio of
A 1:1:1:1
B 3:1:1:3
C 1:2:2:1
D 9:3:3:1

Answer: 1:1:1:1
6 Which of the following is correct when a character shows continuous variation assuming a normal distribution?
A It is not controlled genetically
B Many of the variation is due to fluctuation of climate
C It is governed by many genes with small cumulative effect
D None of the above

Answer: It is governed by many genes with small cumulative effect
7 In an organism, the chromosome number is maintained constant because of
A synapsis
B DNA duplication
C independent assortment
D crossing over

Answer: DNA duplication
8 How many chromosomes are there in the budding yeast (S. cerevisiae)?
A 20
B 18
C 16
D 17

Answer: 16
9 Raphanobrassica is a classical example of
A Allopolyploidy
B Nullisomy
C Aneuploidy
D None of the above

Answer: Allopolyploidy
10 How does dosage compensation in Drosophila occur?
A Hypertranscription of male X chromosome
B X inactivation in females
C Hypotranscription of female X chromosome
D Chimerism

Answer: Hypertranscription of male X chromosome
11 cdc mutant useful for the study of
A chromosome break point
B various stages of cell cycle
C Apoptosis only
D homeodomain

Answer: various stages of cell cycle
12 Recombinant DNA human health care product developed for treating haemophiliacs is
A coaglutation factor IX
B phytohemaglutinin
C interferon
D lymphokines

Answer: coaglutation factor IX
13 Which of the following has been produced commercially from mammalian culture?
A insulin
B renin
C plasminogen activator
D antibacterial antibody

Answer: plasminogen activator
14 A heterologous protein for its expression in the milk of a transgenic animal should be under the control of the promoter of the gene coding for
A β lactoglobulin
B β globin
C preproinsulin
D Lac Z

Answer: β lactoglobulin
15 Aminopterine is used during the production of hybridoma cells because it
A Blocks the synthesis of Ig by B cells
B Prevents the growth of B cells
C Blocks the salvage pathway
D Prevents the growth of myeloma cells

Answer: Blocks the salvage pathway
16 All of the following are produced by animal cells in culture and help the cells adhere to the culture dish except
A phospholipase A
B hyaluronic acid
C glycoprotein
D collagen

Answer: phospholipase A
17 The culture fluid of 1000 to 5000 colonies of hybridoma are screened for monoclonal antibody by

P- Antigen capture analysis Q- Western blot analysis

R-Northern blot analysis S-antibody capture analysis

A Q, S
B P, S
C R, S
D P, Q

Answer: P, S
18 Reverse vaccinology indicates
A from antigenic polysaccharide to vaccine development
B from antigenic protein to vaccine development
C from genome sequence to vaccine development
D from antibody to vaccine development

Answer: from antigenic protein to vaccine development
19 Antibody diversity is generated by
A Interchromosomal recombination
B Allelic exclusion
C Protein splicing
D Somatic mutation

Answer: Allelic exclusion
20 In animal cell cultures, the addition of serum to media is essential for providing?
A growth factors
B amino acid for protein synthesis
C nucleotide for DNA synthesis
D all of these

Answer: growth factors

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