Animal Kingdom MCQs | Animal Kingdonm Objective Questions With Answers

1 Cnidaria is characterized by
A Tissue level of organization
B Nematoblasts
C Coelenteron
D All of these

Answer: All of these
2 Typhlops is
A sea snake
B glass snake
C blind snake
D grass snake

Answer: blind snake
3 Transfer of Taenia to secondary host occurs as
A oncosphere
B cysticercus
C morula
D egg

Answer: Oncosphere
4 A chordate character is
A gills
B spiracles
C post-anal tail
D chitinous exoskeleton

Answer: Post-anal tail
5 Kala-azar and Oriental Sore are spread by
A Housefly
B Bed bug
C Sand Fly
D Fruit Fly

Answer: Sand Fly
6 Earthworm possesses hearts
A 6 pairs
B 4 pairs
C 2 pairs
D 1

Answer: 4 pairs
7 Which class has the largest number of animals?
A Fishes
B Reptiles
C Insects
D Mammals

Answer: Insects
8 Which one occurs in echinodermata?
A Bilateral symmetry
B Radial symmetry
C Porous body
D Soft skin

Answer: Radial symmetry
9 Malpighian tubules are
A Excretory organs of insects
B Excretory organs of annelids
C Respiratory organs of insects
D Respiratory organs of annelids

Answer: Excretory organs of insects
10 Photoreceptors of earthworm occur on
A Clitellum
B Many eyes
C Dorsal surface
D Lateral sides

Answer: Dorsal surface
11 Notochord occurs throughout life and all through the length of the body in
A Cephalochordata
B Hemichordata
C Urochordata
D Vertebrata

Answer: Cephalochordata
12 Which is not a true amphibian animal?
A Salamander
B Toad
C Tortoise
D Frog

Answer: Tortoise
13 Both male and female pigeons secrete milk through
A salivary glands
B modified sweat glands
C crop
D gizzard

Answer: crop
14 Phenomenon of organisms resembling others for escaping from enemies is
A Adaptation
B Mimicry
C Homology
D Analogy

Answer: Mimicry
15 Ascaris is characterized by
A Presence of true coelom and metamerism
B Presence of true coelom but absence of metamerism
C Absence of true coelom and metamerism
D Absence of true coelom but presence of metamerism

Answer: Absence of true coelom and metamerism
16 Which of the following combinations is incorrect?
A Nematoda- roundworms, pseudocoelomate
B Calcarea- gastrovascular cavity, coelom present
C Echinodermata- coelom present, bilateral symmetry
D Platyhelminthes- gastrovascular cavity, flatworms, acoelomate

Answer: Calcarea- gastrovascular cavity, coelom present
17 Homeostasis is
A tendency to charge with change in environment
B tendency to resist change
C disturbance in regulatory control
D plants and animal extracts used in homeopathy

Answer: Tendency to resist change
18 Male and female cockroaches can be distinguished externally through
A Anal styles in male
B Anal cerci in female
C Anal style and antennae in females
D Both B and C

Answer: Anal styles in male
19 Flight muscles of bird are attached to
A clavicle
B keel of sternum
C scapula
D coracoid

Answer: Keel of sternum
20 Onchosphere occurs in
A Ascaris
B Fasciola
C Taenia
D Planaria

Answer: Taenia