Animal Kingdom MCQs MCQs | Animal Kingdom objective type questions with Answers

21 Pheretima posthuma is highly useful as
A Their burrows make the soil loose
B They make the soil porous, leave their castings and take organic debris in the soil
C They are used as fish meal
D They kill the birds due to biomagnification of chlorinated hydrocarbons

Answer: They make the soil porous, leave their castings and take organic debris in the soil
22 Blood of Pheretima is
A Blue with haemocyanin in corpuscles
B Blue with haemocyanin in plasma
C Red with haemoglobin in corpuscles
D Red with haemoglobin in plasma

Answer: Red with haemoglobin in plasma
23 Penguin occurs in
A Australia
B Antarctica
C Africa
D America

Answer: Antarctica
24 Classification of Porifera is based on
A Branching
B Spicules
C Reproduction
D Symmetry

Answer: Spicules
25 Identify the characteristic of acoelomates
A Absence of mesoderm
B Absence of brain
C Coelom that is incompletely lined with a mesoderm
D Solid body without a cavity surrounding internal organs

Answer: Solid body without a cavity surrounding internal organs
26 The canal system in sponges develops due to
A Porous walls
B Gastrovascular system
C Reproduction
D Folding of inner walls

Answer: Folding of inner walls
27 Taenia saginata differs from Taenia solium in
A Absence of scolex hooks
B Absence of scolex hooks and uterine branching
C Absence of scolex hooks and presence of both male and female reproductive organs
D Presence of scolex hooks

Answer: Absence of scolex hooks
28 Eutherians are characterised by
A Hairy skin
B True placentation
C Ovoviviparity
D Glandular skin

Answer: True placentation
29 Radial symmetry is found in
A Coelenterata and Platyhelminthes
B Coelenterata and Echinodermata
C Arthropoda and Mollusca
D Porifera and Coelenterata

Answer: Coelenterata and Echinodermata
30 Fire bellied toad is
A Amphiuma
B Bombina
C Necturus
D Salamandra

Answer: Bombina
31 Hair occur in all mammals except those of
A rodentia
B chiroptera
C primata
D cetacea

Answer: Cetacea
32 Jelly fish belongs to class
A Hydrozoa
B Scyphozoa
C Anthozoa
D None of these

Answer: Scyphozoa
33 Earthworms are
A Useful
B Harmful
C More useful than harmful
D More harmful

Answer: Useful
34 Wish bone of birds is from
A Pelvic girdle
B Skull
C Hind limbs
D Pectoral girdle/clavicles

Answer: Pectoral girdle/clavicles
35 Ecdysis is shedding of
A Stratum corneum
B Epidermis
C Dermis
D Stratum malpighi

Answer: Stratum corneum
36 Bladderworm/cysticercus is the larval stage of
A Tapeworm
B Roundworm
C Pinworm
D Liver fluke

Answer: Tapeworm
37 The excretory structures of flatworms/ Taenia are
A Flame cells
B Protonephridia
C Malpighian tubules
D Green glands

Answer: Flame cells
38 Metamorphosis of insects is regulated through hormone
A Pheromone
B Thyroxine
C Ecdysone
D All of these

Answer: Ecdysone
39 Salamander belongs to the class
A Pisces
B Aves
C Reptiles
D Amphibian

Answer: Amphibian
40 Select the correct pair
A Arthropoda- silver fish
B Pisces- jelly fish
C Echinodermata- cuttle fish
D Mollusca- star fish

Answer: Arthropoda- silver fish