Animal Kingdom MCQs | Animal Kingdom short questions with Answers

41 Which group does not contain polyp?
A Anthozoa
B Hydrozoa
C Scyphozoa
D Calcarea

Answer: Calcarea
42 An insect regarded as greatest mechanical carrier of diseases is
A Pediculus
B Cimex
C Musca
D Xenopsylla

Answer: Musca
43 Fish which can be used in biological control of mosquitoes/Larvicidal fish is
A Eel
B carp
C cat fish
D Gambusia

Answer: Gambusia
44 Bird vertebrae are
A Acoelous
B Heterocoelous
C Amphicoelous
D Procoelous

Answer: Heterocoelous
45 Feet of king fisher are modified for
A Wading
B Perching
C Running
D Catching

Answer: Wading
46 Necturus is
A Hell bender
B Congo eel
C Mud puppy
D Blind worm

Answer: Mud puppy
47 Which of the following characters is not typical to class Mammalia?
A Alveolar lungs
B Seven cervical vertebrae
C Theocodont dentition
D Ten pairs of cranial nerves

Answer: Ten pairs of cranial nerves
48 Periplaneta belongs to which phylum?
A Mollusca
B Arthropoda
C Annelida
D Echinodermata

Answer: Arthropoda
49 Flame cells are the excretory structures for
A Annelida
B Coelenterates
C Paltyhelminthes
D Echinodermata

Answer: Paltyhelminthes
50 Phylum Porifera is classified based on
A Branching
B Symmetry
C Spicules
D Reproduction

Answer: Spicules