Bihar Quiz | Bihar General Knowledge(GK) Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers

1 Which one is recognised as state animal of Bihar
A Cow
B Tiger
C Lion
D Ox

Answer: Ox
2 In which year, farmers in Champaran had revolted against the British for the conditions of indigo cultivation
A 1914
B 1923
C 1935
D 1947

Answer: 1914
3 The Chatth Puja is celebrated in the month of
A November and July
B March and November
C January and October
D January and August

Answer: March and November
4 The famous Bihar movement was started in the year
A 1974
B 1975
C 1970
D 1972

Answer: 1974
5 In which year, Jayaprakash Narayan has been awarded with the Bharat Ratna award
A 1999
B 1995
C 1988
D 1991

Answer: 1999
6 When the Patna University was established
A 1917
B 1935
C 1908
D 1925

Answer: 1917
7 The city Vaishali was the capital of
A Licchhavis
B Kuru
C Koliyas
D Shakya

Answer: Licchhavis
8 The Barabar Caves are located in which district
A Aurangabad Districts
B Gaya Districts
C Jehanabad Districts
D Buxar Districts

Answer: Gaya Districts
9 Besides Hindi and Urdu, which one is the other official language of Bihar
A Maithili
B Sanskrit
C Bhojpuri
D Magadhi

Answer: Maithili
10 Which one is the largest district in Bihar by areawise
A Samastipur
B Rohtas
C West Champaran
D Aurangabad

Answer: West Champaran
11 In which year, the Nalanda University was re-established
A 2014
B 2012
C 2003
D 2007

Answer: 2014
12 Total number of Parliamentary constituency in Bihar
A 40
B 37
C 28
D 31

Answer: 40
13 Which one is recognised as the State flower
A Rose
B Jasmine
C Marigold
D Tulip

Answer: Marigold
14 Who is the first Chief Minister of Bihar
A Krishna Singh
B Deep Narayan Singh
C K. B. Sahay
D Mahamaya Prasad Sinha

Answer: Krishna Singh
15 Total number of districts in Bihar
A 38
B 46
C 32
D 40

Answer: 38
16 Mahavir, the twenty-fourth and last tirthankara of Jainism was born in
A Nalanda
B Vaishali
C Lumbini
D Pataliputra

Answer: Vaishali
17 King Ajatashatru belongs to which dynasty
A Shishunaga dynasty
B Nanda dynasty
C Maurya dynasty
D Haryanka dynasty

Answer: Haryanka dynasty
18 How many republics are included under Mahajanapadas
A 8
B 10
C 12
D 16

Answer: 16
19 In which year, Bihar was carved out from the state of Bengal Presidency
A 1948
B 1912
C 1921
D 1935

Answer: 1912
20 Which day is celebrated as the Bihar Diwas
A 22nd March
B 23rd September
C 3rd February
D 16th June

Answer: 22nd March