Biomolecules MCQs | Biomolecules Short Questions(MCQs) & Answers

41 Distance between two strands of DNA is
A 3.4 Å
B 34 Å
C 20 Å
D 340 Å

Answer: 20 Å
42 The two strands od DNA are held together by bonds of
A Oxygen
B Hydrogen
C Nitrogen
D Carbon

Answer: Hydrogen
43 The low melting area of DNA is
A A - U base pairs
B G - C base pairs
C A - T base pairs
D Both (b) and (c)

Answer: A - T base pairs
44 Which one of the following is not a mucilage?
A Agar
B Carragheenin
C Rayon
D Alginic acid

Answer: Rayon
45 The most abundant organic compound in biosphere is
A Hemi-cellulose
B Pectin
C Cellulose
D Lignin

Answer: Cellulose
46 Carbohydrates, the most abundant biomolecules on earth, are produced by
A Fungi, algae and green plant cells
B All bacteria, fungi and algae
C Some bacteria, algae and green plant cels
D Viruses, fungi and algae

Answer: Some bacteria, algae and green plant cels
47 Cellulose is
A Heteropolysaccharide, branched
B Heteropolysaccharide
C Pentosan polysaccharide, branched
D Hexosan polysaccharide, unbranched

Answer: Hexosan polysaccharide, unbranched
48 Which of the following is used to ice creams, cosmetics and medicines to emsulsify and give a smooth texture?
A Carboxy methylcellulose
B Cellulose nitrate
C Cellolose acetate
D Cellilose

Answer: Carboxy methylcellulose
49 Chitin is the second most abundant organic substance present in the exoskeleton of insects and crustaceans. It is a
A Lipid
B Protein and CaCO3 deposits in it
C Polysaccharide and the basis unit is N-acetylglucosamine
D Protein

Answer: Polysaccharide and the basis unit is N-acetylglucosamine
50 Which of the following is a carbohydrate?
A Aleurone
B Inulin
C Cystolith
D Raphide

Answer: Inulin