CBSE class 10 History Quiz | CBSE class 10 History Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) with Answers

61 Who founded the Central Hindu School and College in Benares (now called Varanasi)?
A Sarojini Naidu
B George Thompson
C Annie Besant
D Govinda Das

Answer: Annie Besant
62 In which year the Indian National Congress was formed?
A 1895
B 1887
C 1885
D 1888

Answer: 1885
63 Subsidiary Alliance was introduced by ________.
A Dalhousie
B John Shore
C Wellesley
D Robert Clive

Answer: Wellesley
64 The Seven Years' War (1756–1763) resulted in the defeat of the which of the following forces.
A French
B Russian
C American
D British

Answer: French
65 In which year Vasco da Gama arrived at Calicut, India?
A 1498
B 1496
C 1398
D 1495

Answer: 1498
66 Hyder Ali was the ruler of which of the following state?
A Cochi
B Bengal
C Hyderabad
D Mysore

Answer: Cochi
67 In which Year of the Battle of Plassey was fought?
A 1757
B 1857
C 1557
D 1657

Answer: 1757