CBSE Class 9 Geography Quiz | CBSE Class 9 Geography Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) with Answers

61 A narrow gap in a mountain range providing access to the other side is :
A Pass
B Valley
C Mound
D Strait

Answer: Pass
62 Lesser Himalayas also called as?
A Purvanchal
B Himachal
C Himadri
D Shivaliks

Answer: Himadri
63 The longitudinal valleys lying between lesser Himalayas and Shivaliks are known as _______.
A Duns
B Passes
C Kangra Valley
D Patkai Bum

Answer: Duns
64 Which islands of India are called Coral Islands?
A Lakshdeep
B Andman and Nikobar
C both
D None of these

Answer: Lakshdeep
65 Find the odd one out :
A Anai Mudi
B Namcha Barwa
C Kanchenjunga
D Nanga Parbat

Answer: Anai Mudi