CBSE Class 9 Geography Quiz | CBSE Class 9 Geography Short Questions & Answers

41 Which is the largest freshwater lake in India?
A Wular lake
B Loktak
C Dal lake
D Bhimtal Lake

Answer: Wular lake
42 Which one of the following is the longest river of the Peninsular India?
A Godavari
B Mahanadi
C Narmada
D Krishna

Answer: Godavari
43 Which among the following rivers flows through a rift valley?
A Tapi
B Krishna
C Damodar
D Tungabhadra

Answer: Tapi
44 In which of the following states is Sambhar Lake situated?
A Jammu and Kashmir
B Uttar Pradesh
C Rajasthan
D Bihar

Answer: Rajasthan
45 Which one of the following lakes is a salt water lake?
A Gobind Sagar
B Dal
C Sambhar
D Wular

Answer: Sambhar
46 In which course of a river meanders are formed ?
A Middle course
B Lower course
C Upper course
D Both upper & middle

Answer: Middle course
47 The river Narmada has its source at
A Amarkantak
B Slopes of the Western ghats
C Satpura
D Brahmagiri

Answer: Amarkantak
48 In which of the following states is the Wular lake located?
A Jammu and Kashmir
B Punjab
C Rajasthan
D Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir
49 Which one of the following describes the drainage patterns resembling the branches of a tree?
A Dendritic
B Trellis
C Radial
D None of these

Answer: Dendritic
50 The world's largest delta is formed by:
A Ganga and Brahamputra
B Indus and Ganga
C Ganga and Sutlej
D Indus and Brahamputra

Answer: Ganga and Brahamputra
51 The Peninsular Plateau of India belongs to which of the following landmass?
A Gondwanaland
B Eurasian Plate
C Angaraland
D Tethys

Answer: Gondwanaland
52 The highest peak in the Eastern Ghats is
A Mahendragiri
B Khasi
C Anai Mudi
D None

Answer: Mahendragiri
53 The western coastal strip south of Goa is referred to as
A Northern Circar
B Coromandel
C Konkan
D Kannad

Answer: Konkan
54 Mountain ranges in the eastern part of India forming its boundary with Myanmar are collectively called as
A Purvanchal
B Uttaranchal
C Himachal
D none of the above

Answer: Purvanchal
55 A landmass bounded by sea on three sides is referred to as
A Island
B Coast
C Peninsula
D none of the above

Answer: Peninsula
56 The wet and swampy belt of the Northern Region is known locally as
A Terai
B Bhangar
C Bhabar
D Doab

Answer: Terai
57 The only active volcano of India is found at
A Andman and Nicobar
B Lakshdweep
C Maldives
D None of these

Answer: Andman and Nicobar
58 Which two hills are located in the south-east of Eastern Ghats ?
A Javadi Hills and Shevroy Hills
B Patkoi Hills and Manipuri Hills
C Mizo Hills and Naga Hills
D Mizo Hills and Patkoi Hills

Answer: Javadi Hills and Shevroy Hills
59 Which is the highest peak in India?
A Kanchenjunga
B Nanga Parbat
C Mt. Everest
D Nandadevi

Answer: Kanchenjunga
60 The largest delta in the world is :
A Sunderban Delta
B Godavari
C Ganga Delta
D Mahanadi Delta

Answer: Sunderban Delta