Curriculum Development Quiz | Curriculum Development Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

61 Select the incorrect statement.
A Earliest start of an activity is the early event time of the node it leaves.
B Latest finish of an activity is the late event time of the node it enters.
C Latest start of an activity is its latest finish minus its duration.
D None of the above

Answer: None of the above
62 Development of a learner is linked to:
A Effective development
B Cognitive development
C Psychomotor development
D Sensorimotor development

Answer: Effective development
63 Psychomotor domain deals wit
A Feelings
B Practical skills
C Intellectual abilities
D None of the above

Answer: Practical skills
64 Making value judgment about curriculum is:
A Curriculum design
B Curriculum elements
C Curriculum evaluation
D Curriculum development

Answer: Curriculum evaluation
65 The factors that effect the development of curriculum are called:
A Curriculum design
B Curriculum evaluation
C Foundation of curriculum
D Elements of curriculum

Answer: Foundation of curriculum
66 “Curriculum” is a word of:
A Greek
B Latin
C Persian
D English

Answer: Latin
67 Curriculum effectiveness is determined by:
A Community cooperation
B Teacher competence
C Student interest
D Quality of supervision

Answer: Student interest
68 What the child studies in a class is decided by:
A Principal
B Parents
C Teacher
D Child himself

Answer: Teacher
69 The part of the curriculum designed to meet the needs of all students is:
A General education
B Specialized education
C The extra-curriculum
D The program of studies

Answer: General education
70 School curriculum is defined as
A Methods of instruction
B Experiences organized by school
C Materials of instruction
D Courses of study

Answer: Experiences organized by school
71 To select subject matter, one should consider student’s:
B Class
C Health
D Physical age

Answer: I.Q
72 The highest in rank in ministry of education is:
A Administrative officer
B Secretary
C Education officer
D Research Officer

Answer: Secretary
73 Five stages of awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and adoption are for:
A Curriculum change
B Curriculum formation
C Curriculum development
D Curriculum implementation

Answer: Curriculum change
74 Curriculum improvement should a ------------------ process
A last
B Initial
C Internal
D Continuous

Answer: Continuous
75 The major purpose of co-curricular activities is to:
A Help students achieve a well-adjusted personality
B Provide relief from the usual classroom routine
C Allow students an opportunity to develop in to good citizens
D Permit students to have a choice of educational program

Answer: Help students achieve a well-adjusted personality
76 A curriculum is blue print or pip of the school that includes experiences for the:
A Teacher
B Learner
C Curriculum planner
D Experts

Answer: Learner
77 If two or more methods are mixed up for teaching, the teaching method will be known as:
A Combined method
B Mixed method
C Eclectic method
D None of these

Answer: Eclectic method
78 The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines curriculum as a:
A Course of learning
B Chariot race course
C Course of study
D Course of Education

Answer: Chariot race course
79 The model of curriculum could not move above elementary stage is:
A Core curriculum
B activity curriculum
C Subject curriculum
D None of these

Answer: activity curriculum
80 A curriculum is the sum total of a school’s t influence a child’s:
A Personality
B Attitude
C Behaviors
D action

Answer: Behaviors