Earthquake MCQs | Earthquake Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 Which of the following earthquake waves is first recorded on the Seismograph?
A P-waves
B Rayleigh waves
C S-waves
D Love waves

Answer: P-waves
2 The Intensity scale of the earthquake is called?
A Mercalli scale
B Ritcher scale
C Number scale
D None of the above

Answer: Mercalli scale
3 The drainage pattern of a river resembling the branches of a tree is known as?
A Dendritic
B Radial
C Trellis
D Centripetal

Answer: Dendritic
4 Which earthquake is local in nature and rarely occurring?
A Volcanic earthquake
B Shallow earthquake
C Collapse earthquake
D Intermediate earthquake

Answer: Collapse earthquake
5 Which theory is acclaimed as a satisfactory explanation about the cause of earthquakes?
A Elastic Rebound theory
B Clastic theory
C Tremors theory
D Seismology theory

Answer: Elastic Rebound theory
6 Foreshocks are often recorded in which phase?
A Preparatory phase
B Rupture phase
C Post failure phase
D Tertiary phase

Answer: Preparatory phase
7 Earthquakes occur at which portion of plates?
A Middle portion
B Along the boundaries of plates
C Along the equidistant lines of plates
D At the centre point of the plates

Answer: Middle portion
8 From where earth quake waves are generated?
A Focus
B Epicenter
C Solid inner Core
D None of these

Answer: Focus
9 In Ease Asia, the earth quake that cost the largest no. of lives, happened in:
A China
B Malaysia
C Indonesia
D None of these

Answer: China
10 Which Earthquake caused the greatest causalities in the history?
A Koba (195)
B Mexico (1985)
C China (1556)
D None of these

Answer: China (1556)
11 How many Earthquakes caused more than one million causalities?
A 5
B 6
C 7
D None of these

Answer: 7
12 In the history of earthquakes which country was mostly affected by earthquake in Asia?
A China
B Pakistan
C Afghanistan
D Iraq

Answer: China
13 Rocks behave as ________ masses towards operating stresses.
A Inelastic
B Elastic
C Isotropic
D Anisotropic

Answer: Elastic
14 The phase which involves restoration to state of equilibrium is
A Preparatory phase
B Rupture phase
C Post failure phase
D Tertiary phase

Answer: Post failure phase
15 The plate movements at boundaries are
A Very rapid
B Fast
C Moderate in speed
D Very slow

Answer: Very slow
16 The phase during which the stored elastic energy is released is
A Preparatory phase
B Rupture phase
C Post failure phase
D Tertiary phase

Answer: Rupture phase
17 Earth Quakes are most frequent in the zone:
A Antarctic ocean
B Pacific ocean
C Both (a) and (b)
D None of these

Answer: Pacific ocean
18 How many people were died in East China's Earth Quake?
A 550000
B 650000
C 750000
D None of these

Answer: 750000
19 The worst Earthquake in the history of Pakistan was of:
A 1935
B 2005
C 2008
D None of these

Answer: 2005
20 The most servere earth quake experienced in America at:
A Mississippi Valley
B Clifornia
C Boston
D None of these

Answer: Mississippi Valley

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