Economic Botany Quiz | Economic Botany Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 Major food crops of the world belongs to the family
A Gramineae
B Cruciferae
C Leguminosae
D Solanaceae

Answer: Gramineae
2 Saffron is produced from
A Style and stigma of Crocus
B stamens of Hibiscus
C roots of Indigofera
D petals of Rosa

Answer: Style and stigma of Crocus
3 Cereals belong to family
A Gramineae
B Cruciferae
C Solanaceae
D Leguminosae

Answer: Gramineae
4 Major cereals are
A Millets, Wheat and Rice
B Rice, Wheat and Maize
C Barley, Rye and Maize
D Rye, Barley and Wheat

Answer: Rice, Wheat and Maize
5 Cereal crop which is staple food in Asia is
A Cold season crop
B All weather crop
C Temperate crop
D Tropical crop.

Answer: Tropical crop.
6 Rice is the principal cereal of
A Tropics
B Arctic Zones
C South Pole
D Temperate Region

Answer: Tropics
7 Food grains which provide the most important staple food to man are
A Mistletoe
B Oil seeds
C Cereals
D None of the above

Answer: Cereals
8 Botanical name of Rice is
A Oryza sativa
B Zea mays
C Pennisetum typhoides
D Aloe vera

Answer: Oryza sativa
9 Paddy is
A Rice husk and bran
B Rice grain without husk
C Rice grain with husk
D Rice straw

Answer: Rice grain with husk
10 Best form of Rice is
A Parboiled rice
B Unpolished rice
C Polished rice
D Flaked rice

Answer: Parboiled rice
11 One of the following is a plant of great medicinal value:
A Cryptostegia grandiflora
B Coffea robusta
C Rauwolfia serpentina
D Brassica oleraceae

Answer: Rauwolfia serpentina
12 A milk like preparation can be made from the seeds of
A Soybean
B Barley
C Gram
D Grapes

Answer: Soybean
13 Coir of commerce comes from which part of coconut?
A Mesocarp
B Endocarp
C Epicarp
D None of these

Answer: Mesocarp
14 One of the following is a source of rubber:
A Hevea brasilensis
B Michelia champaca
C Tectona grandis
D Cedrus depdara

Answer: Hevea brasilensis
15 A drug which reduces high blood pressure is obtained from
A Rouwolfia serpentina
B Solanum nigrum
C Aconitum chasmanthum
D Centella asiatica

Answer: Rouwolfia serpentina
16 The flax fibres are obtained from
A Linum ustistissimum
B Cannabis sativa
C Crotolaria juncea
D Cocos nucifera

Answer: Linum ustistissimum
17 One of the following is an oil seed crop:
A Crysanthemum
B Marigold
C Sunflower
D None of these

Answer: Sunflower
18 The earliest place where agriculture and civilisation are believed to have started
A China River valley
B Nile
C Northern plains of India
D All the above

Answer: All the above
19 Green revolution is
A Revolution in agriculture yield
B Revolution in chemical industry
C Chipko movement
D Revolution in electronics

Answer: Revolution in agriculture yield
20 Per acre yield in India fell between
A 1901 – 1951
B 1971 – 1990
C 1850 – 1900
D 1951 – 1970

Answer: 1901 – 1951