Economic Botany Quiz | Economic Botany Qbjective Type Questions and Answers

21 Green Revolution in India was possible due to
A Intensive cultivation
B Better irrigation, fertilizers and pesticide facilities
C Exploitation of high yielding varieties
D All the above

Answer: All the above
22 Father of Green Revolution is
A N. E. Borlaug
B N. I. Vavilov
C M. S. Swaminathan
D G. S. Khush

Answer: N. E. Borlaug
23 Dry farming is
A Growing crops in unirrigated arid areas
B Farming using sprinkler system
C Farming in deserts
D Planting drought resistant trees in deserts

Answer: Growing crops in unirrigated arid areas
24 Cabbage originated in
A Mediterranean
B Mexico and Central America
C Peruvian Andes
D South West Asia

Answer: Mediterranean
25 The centre of origin of Almond and Apple is
A Asia Minor and Afghanistan
B China
C South-West Asia
D South-East Asia

Answer: Asia Minor and Afghanistan
26 The original home of Rice is
A South-East Asia
B Mediterranean
C South-West Asia
D China

Answer: South-East Asia
27 Peruvian Andes are believed to be centre of origin of
A Tomato and Potato
B Tomato, Potato and Chillies
C Potato
D Tomato

Answer: Tomato, Potato and Chillies
28 South-East Asia is thought to be centre for the origin of
A Rice, Sugarcane and Mango
B Rice, Sugarcane, Mango and Banana
C Rice
D Rice and Sugarcane

Answer: Rice, Sugarcane, Mango and Banana
29 The famous cultivated plant which developed in China is
A Cotton
B Coffee
C Tea
D Orange

Answer: Tea
30 The centre of origin of Wheat is
A Mexico
B South-East Asia
C South-West Asia
D Asia Minor and Afghanistan

Answer: South-West Asia
31 Improved Wheat varieties are
A Kalyan Sana
B Sonalika
C Sharbati Sonora
D All the above

Answer: All the above
32 Polishing of Rice is harmful as
A It coats the grains with harmful chemicals
B It removes embryo
C It removes outer protein and vitamin rich nutritive layer
D Both B and C.

Answer: Both B and C.
33 Rice is a crop of
A Clayey loam soils
B Wet areas
C Irrigated areas
D All the above

Answer: All the above
34 Resrpine, s drug is extracted from
A Rauwolfia serpentina
B Digitalis purpurea
C Brassica oleraceae
D Atropa belladonna

Answer: Rauwolfia serpentina
35 Fibre of great commercial importance derived from epidermis is
A Cotton
B Coir
C Flax
D Hemp

Answer: Cotton
36 One of the following plants is a rich variety of timber:
A Dalbergia sissoo
B Cassia fistula
C Acacia arabica
D Morus alba

Answer: Dalbergia sissoo
37 Castor oil is obtained from
A Ricinus communis
B Brassica campestris
C Sesamum indicum
D Linum spp

Answer: Ricinus communis
38 Centres of early civilisation were in
A Temperate plains
B River valleys
C Tropical plains
D Hills

Answer: Temperate plains
39 Ethiopia is the original home of
A Cabbage
B Maize
C Rice
D Coffee

Answer: Coffee
40 Maize evolved in
A Mexico and Central America
B Asia Minor and Afghanistan
C U.S.A.
D Brazil

Answer: Mexico and Central America

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