Economic Survey 2018 Quiz | Economic Survey 2018 Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 When will The Department of Economic Affairs, Finance Ministry of India presents the Economic Survey in the parliament every year?
A Before the Union budget
B During the Union budget.
C After the Union budget.
D None of these.

Answer: Before the Union budget
2 How much Real GDP will grow in FY18 according to the Economic survey 2018?
A 6.5 %
B 6.75 %
C 6.00 %
D 6.25 %

Answer: 6.75 %
3 According to the Economic survey 2018 expected growth Industrial sector is
A 4.4%
B 4.3%
C 4.1%
D 4.2%

Answer: 4.4%
4 Which of the following has been dwelt for the first time in India‘s history.
A National exports of states
B International Imports of states
C International exports of states
D None of these

Answer: International exports of states
5 What is the full form of GVA?
A Growth Vacant Added
B Gross Value Adiction
C Gross Value Added
D None of these

Answer: Gross Value Added
6 ITC stands for-
A Input Tax Credits
B Interest tax Credit
C Input Tax Credential
D None of these

Answer: Input Tax Credits
7 With reference to the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act, consider the following statements:

1. The FRBM Act strengthens financial discipline and fiscal prudence

2. The committee under the chairmanship of NK Singh was set up to review the FRBM Act

Which of the statements given above is/are NOT correct?
A 1 only
B 2 only
C Both 1 and 2
D Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: Neither 1 nor 2
8 According to the Economic Survey of India, India’s GDP is expecting to grow in FY-19.
A 6.8 to 7.3
B 6.7 to 7.2%
C 7 to 7.5%.
D None of these

Answer: 7 to 7.5%.
9 Who will present the Economic Survey in the parliament every year?
A Finance Minister
B President of India
C Finance Secretary
D Economic Secretary

Answer: Finance Minister
10 What are the policy agenda to support for next year that are seen in The Economic survey released in January 29th 2018?
A Agriculture
B Privatise Air India
C Bank recapitalization
D All of these

Answer: All of these
11 How many percent of the average prize rising of crude oil will rise according to Economic Survey 2018?
A 12
B 13
C 10
D 14

Answer: 12
12 What is the biggest source to the growth based on the report of the Economic survey 2018.
A Exports
B Inflation
C Deflation
D None of these

Answer: Exports
13 What is the percentage of GVA (Gross Value Added) growth rate expected to reach in FY19?
A 6.1
B 6.4
C 6.2
D 6.3

Answer: 6.1
14 Up to how much Percent Indirect Tax payers was increased according to the GST report?
A 50
B 45
C 55
D 60

Answer: 50
15 According to the Economic survey 2018 expected growth agricultural sector is
A 2.5%
B 2.0%
C 2.1%
D 2.4%

Answer: 2.1%
16 According to the Economic survey 2018 expected growth in Service sector is
A 8.4%.
B 8.3%.
C 8.1%.
D 8.0%

Answer: 8.3%.
17 How many percentage of foreign exchange reserves have grew from December 2016- 2017.
A 14.1%
B 14.3%
C 14.0%
D 14.4%

Answer: 14.1%
18 How much amount has been approved by the Government for Interest subvention in 2017-18?
A 20339 Cr
B 20331 Cr
C 20340 Cr
D None of the above

Answer: 20339 Cr
19 What is the average retail inflation according to Economic survey 2018?
A 3.3
B 3.5
C 3.1
D 3.4

Answer: 3.3
20 What is the average CPI Inflation seen at Financial Year 2018.
A 3.7
B 3.9
C 3.1
D 3.5

Answer: 3.7