Electrical Safety MCQs | Electrical Safety Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1 One of the main functions of personal protective grounds is to provide a _______ impedance path for a short circuit.
A High
B Low
C Smooth
D Adequate

Answer: Low
2 The Prohibited Approach Boundary is considered the same as making_____________.
A Insulation
B Confluence
C Contact
D Pastry

Answer: Contact
3 OSHA requires the testing of a volt meter after a voltage test on voltage above______.
A 120v
B 208v
C 277v
D 600v

Answer: 600v
4 _____ use caution when working near electricity.
A Always
B Never
C Rarely
D Sometimes

Answer: Always
5 ____ is the flow of electrons around a circuit.
A Current
B Electricity
C Power
D Voltage

Answer: Electricity
6 ____ workers have little or no training working on or near electricity.
A Pipeline
B Qualified
C Rescue
D Unqualified

Answer: Unqualified
7 Electrical hazards include shock, electrical arcs and blasts, and _____or faulty equipment.
A Broken
B Double-insulated
C Polished
D Secure

Answer: Broken
8 Avoid working in _____ conditions.
A Cold
B Dry
C Sunny
D Wet

Answer: Wet
9 ____ gives a stray current somewhere to go and keeps workers from becoming part of the circuit.
A De-energizing
B Energizing
C Grounding
D Guarding

Answer: Grounding
10 Specially designed PPE for electrical work includes _____ insulating gloves, matting, blankets, and covers.
A Plastic
B Rubber
C Steel
D Wood

Answer: Rubber
11 ____ tools are encased in plastic and prevent the user from getting electrocuted if the tool develops a short circuit.
A Corded
B Double-insulated
C Green colored
D Grounded

Answer: Double-insulated
12 _____ all electrical equipment before use.
A Clean
B Inspect
C Label
D Organize

Answer: Inspect
13 ____ is a measurement of how much energy you are using each second.
A Distance
B Power
C Volume
D Weight

Answer: Power
14 Gloves used for electrical protection must be electrically tested every…
A 3 months
B 6 months
C 12 months
D Never

Answer: 6 months
15 One of the three generally recognized hazards of electrical work is____.
A Arc Flash
B Cuts
C Falls
D Concussion

Answer: Arc Flash
16 Work performed on an electrical system within reaching distance of energized components is________work.
A Energized
B Essential
C Safe
D Unavoidable

Answer: Energized
17 A Safety Electrical One Line Diagram should be used to ______________ all sources of electrical energy.
A Identify
B Castigate
C Evaluate
D Modify

Answer: Identify
18 The minimum allowable work space around electrical equipment is ________ inches deep.
A 36
B 48
C 24
D 30

Answer: 30
19 The secondary of a current transformer must never be ____________ while energized.
A Grounded
B Opened
C Examined
D Shortened

Answer: Opened
20 Which is the “Can’t Let Go” range of current flow?
A 3-9 ma
B 9-25 ma
C 25-60 ma
D 1-3 ma

Answer: 9-25 ma