Electrostatics MCQs | Electrostatics Choice Questions with Answers

1 To relieve discomfort of allergy sufferers in homes, we use
A vacuum cleaner
B electrostatic air cleaner
C wind cleaner
D none of the above

Answer: electrostatic air cleaner
2 Value of k in coulomb's law depends upon
A magnitude of charges
B distance between charges
C both A and B
D medium between two charges

Answer: medium between two charges
3 1 pico farad (1pF) is equal to
A 1×10-9F
B 1×10-12F
C 1×10-6F
D 1×10-10F

Answer: 1×10-12F
4 Coulomb is equal to charge of
A 8.25×1018
B 6.25×1018
C 7.25×1018
D 5.25×1018

Answer: 7.25×1018
5 Two charges are placed at a certain distance. If the magnitude of each charge is doubled the force will become
A 1/4th of its original value
B 1/8th of its original value
C 4 times of its original value
D 8 times of its original value

Answer: 4 times of its original value
6 Selenium becomes a conductor in light so it behaves like
A Semiconductor
B Photodiode
C Light emitting diode
D Capacitor

Answer: Photodiode
7 If an electrons is allowed to move along the field in a non uniform electric field then it will follow
A Spiral path
B Straight line
C Curved path
D Circular path

Answer: Straight line
8 If F is force acting on test charge qo, electric field intensity E would be given by
A E = F - qo
B E = F/qo
C E = F + qo
D E = qo/F

Answer: E = F/qo
9 Property of material due to which it attracts or repels other objects is
A friction
B velocity
C current
D charge

Answer: charge
10 If medium between two charges is air, then value of constant k in SI units will be
A 5 × 109 Nm²C-2
B 7 × 109 Nm²C-2
C 8 × 109 Nm²C-2
D 9 × 109 Nm²C-2

Answer: 9 × 109 Nm²C-2
11 Charge on capacitor plates is directly proportional to
A current
B electric field intensity
C potential difference
D resistance

Answer: potential difference
12 A capacitor holds 0.03 C of charge when fully charged by a 6V battery. To hold 2C of charge, voltage required would be
A 150V
B 100V
C 300V
D 400V

Answer: 400V
13 When we rub a glass rod with a silk cloth then
A glass rod acquires negative charge while silk acquires positive charge
B glass rod acquires positive charge while silk acquires negative charges
C both glass rod and silk acquire negative charge
D both glass rod and silk acquire positive charge

Answer: glass rod acquires positive charge while silk acquires negative charges
14 Electric charge of 100 ?C is 13cm apart from another charge 16.9?C electric force between them is
A 9x107N
B 900N
C 9x105N
D 9x106N

Answer: 900N
15 Work done in moving a point charge from one point to another point of equipotential surface is
A ?W = 1?V
B ?W = F?r
C zero
D W = 1/4????V

Answer: zero
16 If mica sheet is placed between the plates of a capacitor the capacity
A increases
B decreases
C increases then decreases
D decreases then increases

Answer: increases
17 Thunderclouds are charged by friction between
A clouds and air
B layers of clouds
C water molecules and air
D layers of air

Answer: water molecules and air
18 The minimum charge on any object cannot be less than
A 1.6 x 10-19C
B 3.2 x 10-19C
C 9.1 x 109C
D no definite value exist

Answer: 1.6 x 10-19C
19 To distinguish between insulators and conductors, we can use
A electroscope
B telescope
C endoscope
D fiberscope

Answer: electroscope
20 1 pico farad (1pF) is equal to
A 1×10-9F
B 1×10-12F
C 1×10-6F
D 1×10-10F

Answer: 1×10-9F