FDI Quiz | FDI Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 The foreign direct investment includes
A Tangible Good
B Intangible Goods
C Intellectual Property
D Human Resource

Answer: Tangible Good
2 For spreading information the Foreign policy decision-makers rely on
A Media
B Politicians
C Bureaucrats
D Public

Answer: Media
3 How will offer curve react when customers are heterogeneous?
A Negative quadrant
B Positive quadrant
C Zero quadrant
D Optimum quadrant

Answer: Negative quadrant
4 Which industry characteristics will have free entry?
A Mineral mining
B Cable television
C T-shirt silk screening
D Satellite radio

Answer: T-shirt silk screening
5 When a country is specialized in particular good and then trade with other countries is called
A Interdependence
B Dependence
C Agreement
D Correlation

Answer: Interdependence
6 Ministries will now have to decide on FDI proposals within ___ days of application, w.e.f 6th June 2017?
A 65 days
B 60 days
C 75 days
D None of the above

Answer: 60 days
7 Which index did India rank 8th on, April 20, 2017?
A AT Kearney FDI Confidence Index
B Moody's Rating
C Morgan Stanley Index
D ICRA rating

Answer: AT Kearney FDI Confidence Index
8 Which companies will soon be allowed to attract 100 percent FDI investment?
A Cash management companies
B ATM management companies
C Both a and b
D Neither a nor b

Answer: Both a and b
9 The Committee of Secretaries has recommended that 51 per cent foreign direct investment (FDI) be allowed in the multi-brand retail sector provided the investmentis not less that than
A $ 100 million
B $ 250 million
C $ 200 million
D $ 500 million

Answer: $ 100 million
10 The United States derivative contracts in which Indian investors will be able to trade at the National Stock Exchange from 29 Aug 2011
A S&P 500
C Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)
D Both (a) & (c)

Answer: Both (a) & (c)
11 The three disputes of FDI are over
A Interest
B Hobby
C Concern
D None Of The Above

Answer: Interest
12 Treaty of Rome was signed in the year
A 1957
B 1955
C 1959
D 1956

Answer: 1957
13 More expansion of foreign direct investment can boost
A Employment
B Unemployment
C Money circulation
D Demand

Answer: Employment
14 When capital and labour are moved internationally to will develop the
A Gains more from trade
B Gains more from income
C Economic growth gains
D None Of The Above

Answer: Gains more from income
15 When did Austria terrify its EU partners by involving them at a party?
A 1999
B 1991
C 1997
D 1993

Answer: 1999
16 What is the percentage of FDI through automatic route at present according to the Budget?
A 90 percent
B 80 percent
C 60 percent
D 70 percent

Answer: 90 percent
17 India has crossed which milestone between April 2000 and Sept 2016?
A 400 billion GDP
B 400 billion FDI
C 300 billion FDI
D 300 billion GDP

Answer: 300 billion FDI
18 India is the fourth largest FDI source for which Arab nation?
A Qatar
B Iraq
C Iran
D none of the above

Answer: Qatar
19 India has retained its ranking as the 10th highest recipient of FDI in 2015, according to which UNCTAD report?
A World Investing Report 2015
B World Investment Report 2015
C World Investing Report 2016
D World Investment Report 2016

Answer: World Investment Report 2016
20 Union government on 20th June 2016 changed the FDI policy with the aim of providing major impetus to employment and job creation. FDI beyond 49 percent in Defence Sector was allowed through which route?
A Automatic
B Both of the above
C Approval
D None of the above

Answer: Approval