Fitter Quiz | Fitter Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 Forging is done when the metal is in
A Plastic condition
B Elastic condition
C Liquid condition
D None of the above

Answer: Plastic condition
2 A die is?
A External thread cutting tool
B Acme thread cutting tool
C Internal thread cutting tool
D Square thread cutting tool

Answer: External thread cutting tool
3 Which one of the following key is used on automobile shaft
A Hollow saddle key
B Woodruff key
C Gib head key
D Taper key

Answer: Woodruff key
4 Which one of the following materials is used for manufacturing centre drills
A High speed steel
B Cast steel
C Mild steel
D Cast iron

Answer: High speed steel
5 S.W.L. means?
A Stable working load
B Side working load
C Safe working load
D Standard working load

Answer: Safe working load
6 A black malleable cast iron?
A Is steel cast in moulds
B Is a raw casting
C Which through malleablizing and is decarburized at the outer skin
D Can be worked with hard cutting tools

Answer: Is a raw casting
7 Helix angle is found on?
A Threaded workpiece
B Taper turning attachment
C Feed rod of lathe
D Threading tool

Answer: Threaded workpiece
8 A hydraulic shaper is driven by
A Hand pressure
B Liquid pressure
C Steam pressure
D Air pressure

Answer: Liquid pressure
9 When tapping aluminium and copper what coolant is used
A Dry
B Lard oil
C Kerosene
D Soda water

Answer: Kerosene
10 H.S.S. is tempered at
A 550 to 600°C
B 280 to 400°C
C 230 to 270°C
D 220 to 230°C

Answer: 550 to 600°C
11 While grinding one must use
A Safety goggles
B Sun goggles
C Dark glass screen
D Mask

Answer: Safety goggles
12 Swage block is made of
A Malleable cast iron
B Tool steel
C High carbon steel
D Mild steel

Answer: Malleable cast iron
13 A drilled hole after tapping is called?
A Tapped hole
B Reamed hole
C Chain hole
D Core hole

Answer: Tapped hole
14 A tumbler gear unit consists of
A One gear
B Three gears
C Four gears
D Two gears

Answer: Three gears
15 The least count of a vernier caliper is
A 0.02mm
B 0.05mm
C 0.01mm
D 0.10mm

Answer: 0.02mm
16 The accuracy of reference gauge is
A 0.05mm
B 0.01mm
C 0.001mm
D 0.0001mm

Answer: 0.001mm
17 Which one of the following is a temporary joint
A Soldered joint
B Press fit joint
C Riveted joint
D Welding joint

Answer: Press fit joint
18 Which one of the following belt fasteners is used for heavy duty machines
A Alligator type
B Jackson type
C Lagrell type
D Wire type

Answer: Lagrell type
19 V block vee groove angle?
A 120°
B 90°
C 60°
D 30°

Answer: 90°
20 Mallet is made of?
A Hard wood
B Cast iron
C Brass
D Lead

Answer: Hard wood