Fitter Quiz | Fitter Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

61 “CYANIDING” and “NITRIDING” are two methods of
A Case hardening
B Normalizing
C Tempering
D Hardening

Answer: Case hardening
62 The best position to hold the job in the vice when filing is
A Elbow level
B Arm level
C Shoulder level
D Eye level

Answer: Elbow level
63 The safe way of working is
A An effective and right way of working
B An ancient way of working
C A way of handling the work in a hurry
D A way of normal working

Answer: An effective and right way of working
64 HSS shaper tool can resist heart at about
A 1200°C
B 1000°C
C 600°C
D None of the above

Answer: 600°C
65 While drilling in lathe, the drill is held in the?
A tailstock
B headstock
C compound rest
D bed

Answer: tailstock
66 Which one of the following gauge is used for checking cylinder, which are not kept in vertical or horizontal position.
A plug gauge
B pilot gauge
C ring gauge
D snap gauge

Answer: pilot gauge
67 Fullers are used for?
A Drawing down
B Making shoulder with right angles
C Necking and grooving
D Forming the heads of rivets, bolts etc

Answer: Necking and grooving
68 The thickness of sheet metal is indicated by a series of numbers, which is called as?
A Gauge
B Standard size
C Number size
D None of the above

Answer: Gauge
69 The chief alloying element of stainless Steel are?
A Nickel and tungsten
B Nickel and vanadium
C Chromium and nickel
D Chromium and tungsten

Answer: Chromium and nickel
70 While gas cutting the nozzle should?
A Be 5mm away from work
B Be 2mm away from work
C Be 10mm away from work
D Almost touch the work

Answer: Be 5mm away from work
71 A hole whose lower deviation is zero is called basic hole. Basic hole indicates letters?
A (E)
B (H)
C (F)
D (G)

Answer: (H)
72 Both sides of a flat bastard file have?
A Double cut teeth
B Single cut teeth
C No cut
D Wavy teeth

Answer: Double cut teeth
73 Lathe mandrels can be termed as a?
A Fixture
B Template
C Jig
D Gauge

Answer: Fixture