Genetic Engineering MCQs | Genetic Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 The first crop plant genome sequenced
A Maize
B Wheat
C Rice
D Barley

Answer: Rice
2 Urea and Formamide can:
A Increase Tm of DNA
B Decrease the Tm of DNA
C Helps faster re-annealing of DNA
D Does not effects denaturation of DNA

Answer: Decrease the Tm of DNA
3 The first transgenic plant to be produced:
A Rice
B Maize
C Cotton
D Tobacco

Answer: Tobacco
4 Explants used for tissue culture can be taken from:
A Bud
B Root tip
C Nodal stem segments
D All of these

Answer: All of these
5 A low auxin:cytokinin ratio leads to:
A Shoot formation
B Root formation
C Fruit formation
D All of these

Answer: Shoot formation
6 Klenow fragment is derived from:
C DNA Ligase
D None Of The Above

Answer: DNA Pol-I
7 The year of launching of Human Genome Project and completion of the rough draft of the sequence was in:
A 1992 and 2000
B 1990 and 2000
C 1989 and 2001
D None Of The Above

Answer: 1990 and 2000
8 The main difference between a plasmid and an episome is:
A Plasmid is circular episome is linear
B Episome is circular, plasmid is linear
C Plasmid can be insert into host genome, episomes are not
D Episomes can be inserted into the host genome

Answer: Episomes can be inserted into the host genome
9 What is the final product of the RNaseH method?
A blunt ended dsDNA
B staggered dsDNA at both ends
C staggered dsDNA at 3’ end
D staggered dsDNA at 5’ end

Answer: blunt ended dsDNA
10 The loop region is single stranded. It can be cleaved by using which enzyme?
A Exonuclease
B S1 nuclease
C RNaseH
D DNase

Answer: S1 nuclease
11 What is the second primer in the case of 5’ RACE?
A Internal primer
B Oligo-dA sequence
C Adaptor-oligo-dT primer
D Oligo-dT adaptor molecule

Answer: Adaptor-oligo-dT primer
12 DNA sequencing is done by
A Maxam Gilbert method
B Sanger dideoxy method
C Both a and b
D None of the above

Answer: Both a and b
13 DNA staining is done by
A Cystal violet
B Giemsa staining
C Methylene blue
D Feulgen staining

Answer: Feulgen staining
14 Use of alkaline phosphatase is to
A remove terminal phosphates from 3’end
B remove terminal phosphates from 5’end
C remove terminal phosphate from both end
D All of these

Answer: All of these
15 Taq polymerase is used in PCR because of its
A low thermal stability
B high fidelity
C high speed
D high thermal stability

Answer: high thermal stability
16 Nick translation is done by
A DNA polymerase I
B DNA polymerase II
C DNA ligase
D Kinase

Answer: DNA polymerase I
17 Introduction of recombinant DNA into bacterial cell by using current is called
A Transformation
B Electroporation
C Transformation
D Tranduction

Answer: Electroporation
18 Telomeric sequences are found in

Answer: YAC
19 The uptake of plasmid DNA into bacterial cell is facilitated in the presence of
A Calcium Chloride
B Magnesium Chloride
C Potassium Chloride
D All Of These

Answer: All Of These
20 Which of the following is not a restriction endonuclease?
A Eco RI
B DNA ligase
C Hind III
D None Of The Above

Answer: DNA ligase