Globalisation MCQs | Globalisation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 MNC stands for
A Multinational Corporation
B Multination Corporation
C Multinational Cities
D Multinational Council

Answer: Multinational Corporation
2 Process of integration of different countries is called
A Liberalization
B Privatization
C Globalization
D None of the above

Answer: Globalization
3 Globalization was stimulated by
A Money
B Transportation
C Population
D Computers

Answer: Transportation
4 Liberalization does not include
A Removing trade barriers
B Liberal policies
C Introducing quota system
D None of the above

Answer: Introducing quota system
5 WTO stands for
A World Tennis Organization
B World Trade Office
C World Trade Organization
D World Trade center

Answer: World Trade Organization
6 SEZ stands for
A Special Economic Package
B Special Economic Zone
C Special Ecology Zone
D None of these

Answer: Special Economic Zone
7 Globalisation has led to higher standards of living of:
A well-off consumers
B poor consumers
C big producers
D None Of The Above

Answer: well-off consumers
8 Where do MNCs choose to set up production?
A Cheap goods
B Cheap labour resources
C Economic sustainability
D None of these

Answer: Cheap labour resources
9 Ford Motors entered the Indian automobile business in collaboration with which Indian manufacturer?
A Mahindra and Mahindra
B Tata Motors
C Maruti Suzuki
D None of the Above

Answer: Mahindra and Mahindra
10 What is happening with the import of Chinese toys in India ?
A Indian toys are selling more
B Indian consumers are buying less
C Indian consumers are getting more choice at cheaper rates
D Chinese consumers are falling short of choice

Answer: Indian consumers are getting more choice at cheaper rates
11 Trade between countries:
A determines prices of products in different countries
B decreases competition between countries
C makes a country dependent on the other
D none of these

Answer: determines prices of products in different countries
12 If tax is imposed on Chinese toys, what will happen?
A Chinese toy-makers will benefit
B Indian toy-makers will prosper
C Chinese toys will remain cheap
D Indian consumers will buy more Chinese toys

Answer: Indian toy-makers will prosper
13 Which out of the following is an example of a trade barrier?
A Foreign investment
B Delay or damage of goods
C Tax on imports
D None of these

Answer: Tax on imports
14 Globalisation has created new opportunities of:
A employment
B emerging multinationals
C providing services
D all of the above

Answer: all of the above
15 Globalisation has posed major challenges for:
A Big Producers
B Small Producers
C Rural Poor
D None Of These

Answer: Small Producers
16 With the growing competition, most employers these days prefer to employ workers:
A Flexibly
B Quickly
C Selectively
D None of the above

Answer: Flexibly
17 Fair globalisation would mean:
A Fair Opportunities For All
B Fair Benefits For All
C More Support To Small Producers
D All Of The Above

Answer: All Of The Above
18 Organisation which does not facilitable the process of globalization:
B World Bank
C Asian Bank

Answer: Asian Bank
19 In the 2006-07 Budget, the peak rate of custom duty was brought down to : (updated)
A 5%
B 10%
C 12%
D 20%

Answer: 10%
20 IMF commenced its operation in :
A March 1947
B April 1947
C Dec 1947
D April 1957

Answer: March 1947

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