Human Ear Quiz | Human Ear Objective Type Questions and Answers

21 The receptor cells which sense sounds are located on the
A Basilar membrane
B Tympanum membrane
C Mucous membrane
D Corneous membrane

Answer: Basilar membrane
22 The mouth of the lower chamber of the cochlea is known as
A Incus
B Round window
C Oval window
D Malleus

Answer: Round window
23 The mouth of the upper chamber of the cochlea is known as
A Stapes
B oval window
C Round Window
D Square window

Answer: oval window
24 Both the upper and lower chambers of the cochlea are filled with
A Endolymph
B Vitreous Humour
C Perilymph
D Aqueous Humour

Answer: Endolymph
25 Cochlea is divided into two chambers by a membrane called
A Basilar Membrane
B Corneous
C Epidermis
D Tympanum

Answer: Basilar Membrane
26 Which of the following is involved in hearing?
A Stapes
B Cochlea
C Retina
D Malleus

Answer: Cochlea
27 Which of the following are involved in the maintenance of equilibrium of the body
A Pupil
B Vestibule and semicircular canals
C Cochlea
D Round window

Answer: Vestibule and semicircular canals
28 The parts in the Inner membranous Labyrinth are
A Cochlea
B Semicircular canals
C Vestibule
D All the above

Answer: All the above
29 Inner Membranous Labyrinth is filled with a fluid called
A Endolymph
B Vitreous Humour
C Aqueous Humour
D Perilympyh

Answer: Endolymph
30 Outer bony Labyrinth is filled with a fluid called
A Aqueous Humour
B Perilymph
C Endolymph
D Viterous Humour

Answer: Perilymph
31 Which of the following are the cavities of the Inner Ear?
A Outer bony Labyrinth
B Vitreous cavity
C Inner Membranous Labyrinth
D A and C

Answer: A and C
32 The bones Malleus, Incus and stapes contain in the
A Middle Ear
B Tympanum
C Externa Ear
D Inner Ear

Answer: Middle Ear
33 The cavity of middle ear is connected to the cavities of mouth by a tube called
A Eustachian canal
B Basilar Membrane
C Perilymph
D Nasal Cavity

Answer: Eustachian canal
34 The Tympanic membrane is connected to
A Malleus
B Cornea
C Stapes
D Incus

Answer: Malleus
35 Which of the following bones contain in the Middle Ear?
A Stapes
B Incus
C Malleus
D All the above

Answer: All the above
36 The delicate membrane at the end of the External Auditory Meatus is called
A Incus
B Malleus
C Ear Drum or Tympanum
D Stapes

Answer: Ear Drum or Tympanum
37 Which of the following connects the external ear with the inner structures?
A External Auditory Meatus
B Cornea
C Cornea
D Iris

Answer: External Auditory Meatus
38 Visible part of the ear is called
A External ear or Ear pinna
B Eardrum
C Basilar membrane
D Tympanum

Answer: External ear or Ear pinna
39 Some sounds can enter the inner ear through the bones of the skull. This is called
A Bony conduction
B Malleus
C Bony reception
D Bony Adoption

Answer: Bony conduction

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