Hydrocarbon MCQs | Hydrocarbon Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 What is the old name of alkenes?
A Olefin
B Paraffin
C Acetylene
D None of the above

Answer: Olefin
2 In water alkanes are .......... ?
A Soluble
B Insoluble
C Bitter in taste
D Sweet in taste

Answer: Insoluble
3 In which hydrocarbon all the four valencies of carbon are linked together with single bond?
A Alkanes
B Alkenes
C Alkynes
D None of the above

Answer: Alkanes
4 The segment -CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2- represents the polymer named _______ .
A polybutylene
B polyhexene
C polypropylene
D polyethylene

Answer: polyethylene
5 Ethanol can be oxidized stepwise. What is the first stable intermediate product when ethanol is oxidized with a mild oxidation agent?

Answer: CH3CHO
6 What is the expected product formed from the reaction between 2-butene and Cl2?
A 1-chlorobutane
B 2-chlorobutane
C 2,3-dichlorobutane
D 2,2-dichlorobutane

Answer: 2,3-dichlorobutane
7 Which of the following will undergo an addition reaction with chlorine?
C C6H6
D None Of The Above

Answer: CH3CH2CH=CHCH3
8 Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the reaction between Cl2 and C2H6?
A It is a substitution reaction
B The reaction will give a single product of C2H5Cl
C The reaction mechanism involves free radicals
D The reaction can be initiated with either sunlight or heat

Answer: The reaction will give a single product of C2H5Cl
9 Which of the following compounds displays optical isomerism?
D None of the Above

Answer: CH3-CHCl-COOH
10 Which compound is used for making perfumes and dyes?
A Ethyl alcohol
B Ethyl acetate
C Ethanoate
D Ethanone

Answer: Ethyl acetate
11 Aromatic hydrocarbons are also known as ........... ?
A Acetaldehyde
B Butyne
C Arenes
D Arines

Answer: Arenes
12 Name an organic compound in which RCOOCOR is a functional group?
A Ester
B Acid anhydride
C Dimethyl ether
D Aliphatic hydrocarbon

Answer: Acid anhydride
13 Name an open chain hydrocarbon which is odourless?
A Aldehydes
B Aromatic
C Aliphatic
D Acetate

Answer: Aliphatic
14 What is the general formula of alkenes?
A CnH2n
B CnH2n-2
C CnH2n+2
D CnH2n+OH

Answer: CnH2n
15 Why alkanes are known as saturated hydrocarbon?
A It consists of triple bond
B It consists of double bond
C It consists of single bond
D None of the above

Answer: It consists of single bond
16 Name a hydrocarbon which is a main component of natural gas?
A Methyl
B Methane
C Ethyl
D None of the above

Answer: Methane
17 Two isomeric forms of a saturated hydrocarbon
A have the same structure
B have different compositions of elements
C have the same molecular formula
D have a different content of the isotopes of hydrogen

Answer: have the same molecular formula
18 Which of the following hydrocarbons does not have isomers?
A C7H16
B C6H14
C C5H10
D C3H8

Answer: C3H8
19 The name of the alkane isomer of cis-3-hexene is:
A 2-methylpentane
B 3-methylpentane
C n-hexane
D cyclohexane

Answer: cyclohexane
20 Which of the following does NOT exhibit geometric isomerism? (Hint: draw them!)
A 4-octene
B 2-pentene
C 3-hexene
D 1-hexene

Answer: 1-hexene

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