Indian Languages MCQs | Indian Languages Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 How many languages and dialects are spoken by people all over the world?
A 6,000
B 9,000
C 4,000
D None

Answer: 6,000
2 The language with the richest vocabulary is:
A Hindi
B French
C English
D German

Answer: English
3 The only religious book ever printed in a shorthand scripts is:
A Ramayan
B Geeta
C Kuran
D Bible

Answer: Bible
4 Hindi is defined as Official language of the Union in article:
A 342
B 383
C 343
D All of these

Answer: 343
5 Arrange laungages in Assending order of Highest Speaking Language:
A Arabic, Spainish, English, Chinese
B Arabic, English, Spainish, Chinese
C Bengali, French, English, Chinese
D Spainish, English, Russian, Chinese

Answer: Arabic, English, Spainish, Chinese
6 Which one of the following languages is not widely spoken in Meghalaya?
A English
B Garo
C Hindi
D Khasi

Answer: Hindi
7 Which one of the following languages is not spoken in Sikkim?
A Lepcha
B Bhutia
C Punjabi
D None of these

Answer: Hindi
8 Which one of the following languages is not widely spoken in Tripura?
A English
B Bengali
C Tripuri
D Hindi

Answer: English
9 Approximately, how many people speak Chinese language?
A 1 billion
B 1 million
C 1 lakh
D 1 thousand

Answer: 1 billion
10 The oldest Indian language is:
A Telugu
B Hindu
C Tamil
D Punjabi

Answer: Tamil
11 Sanskrit is Official language of the state:
A Karnataka
B Madhya Pradesh
C Uttrakhand
D Himachal Pradesh

Answer: Uttrakhand
12 Study of Human language is:
A Learning
B Reader
C Languagine
D Linguistics

Answer: Linguistics
13 Dongri Language is spoken in State:
A Himachal Pradesh
C Assam
D Tripura

Answer: J&K
14 LIPI/Script of Hindi Language is:
A Sanskrit
B Gurumukhi
C Devnagiri
D Urdu

Answer: Devnagiri
15 Hindi was adopted official language of India in year:
A 1947
B 1948
C 1950
D None

Answer: 1950
16 Total languages defined in 8th Schedule of Indian constitution:
A 17
B 18
C 22
D None Of These

Answer: 22
17 Which of the following languages belong to Mizoram?

(i) English (ii) Mizo

A Only (i)
B Only (ii)
C Both (i) and (ii)
D None of the above

Answer: Both (i) and (ii)
18 Which one of the following languages is not spoken in Andaman & Nicobar?
A Andamanese
B Nicobarese
C Punjabi
D Bengali

Answer: Punjabi
19 Which of the following are the languages of Pondicherry?

(i) English (ii) French (iii) Tamil

A Only (i)
B Only (iii)
C Both (ii) and (iii)
D Both (i) and (iii)

Answer: Both (ii) and (iii)
20 English Language have more than ...... words:
A 4,50,000
B 45,000
C 4,500
D 450

Answer: 4,50,000

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