Insurance Quiz | Insurance Objective Type Questions and Answers

21 Which of the following is largest Non Life Insurance Company in India ?
A ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd.
B United India Insurance Company Ltd.
C General Insurance Company Ltd.
D New India Assurance Company Ltd.

Answer: New India Assurance Company Ltd.
22 Which amongst the following is not an insurance company functioning in India?
A ICICI prudential
B ING Vysya
C National Securities Depository Limited
D New India Assurance company

Answer: National Securities Depository Limited
23 "A contract that pledges payment of an agreed upon amount to the person (or his/her nominee) on the happening of an event covered against" is technically known as
A Death coverage
B Life insurance
C Savings for future
D Provident fund

Answer: Life insurance
24 With which of the following did the State Bank of India enter into a joint venture agreement for undertaking general insurance business?
A New India Assurance Ltd.
B Insurance Australia Group
C Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
D Allianz

Answer: Insurance Australia Group
25 Which of the following public sector companies/organizations provides insurance cover to exporters?

Answer: ECGC
26 The insurance companies collect a fixed amount from its customers at a fixed interval of time. What is it called?
A Instalment
B Contribution
C Premium

Answer: Premium
27 Which of the following is/are the various types of insurance?

1. Life insurance

2. Health insurance

3. Liability insurance

A Only (a)
B Only (a) and (b)
C Only (b) and (c)
D All the three

Answer: All the three
28 Which of the following terms is used in the field of finance and banking?
A Elasticity
B Inflation
C Pulse rate
D All the three

Answer: Inflation
29 Expand the term IFRS.
A Indian Financial Reporting Standards
B Indian Financial Reporting Systems
C International Financial Reporting Standards
D International Financial Reporting Systems

Answer: International Financial Reporting Standards
30 Under the ESOP, who of the following are offered shares in the company?
A Employees
B Existing Shareholders
C Promoters

Answer: Employees
31 Fiscal policy is concerned with which of the following?
A Export and import
B Public revenue and expenditure
C Issue of currency
D Population control

Answer: Public revenue and expenditure
32 Which of the following is NOT a part of India’s money market?
A Bill market
B Call money market
C Banks
D Indian Gold council

Answer: Indian Gold council
33 Which of the following is the regulator of the credit rating agencies in India?
D None of these

Answer: SEBI
34 FDI refers to
A Fixed Deposits in India
B Foreign Direct Investment
C Foreign Deposits in India
D Future Derivative Investment

Answer: Foreign Direct Investment
35 Aviva plc is an multinational insurance company headquartered in –
A Munich
B Paris
C London
D Tokyo

Answer: London
36 State financial Corporations give assistance mainly to develop which of the following?
A Small and medium scale industries
B Agricultural sector
C Cotton industry
D Large scale industries

Answer: Small and medium scale industries
37 Bonds issued by Indian entities outside India but denominated in Indian rupees are known as –
A Desi Bonds
B NRI Bonds
C Pravasi Bonds
D Masala Bonds

Answer: Masala Bonds
38 Yogakshemam Vahamyaham is the tag line of –
A HDFC Life Insurance
B SBI Life Insurance
C Bharti AXA Life Insurance
D Life Insurance Corporation

Answer: Life Insurance Corporation
39 Sar Utha ke Jiyo is the tag line of –
A HDFC Life Insurance
B Birla Sun Life Insurance
C Aviva Life Insurance
D Sahara India Life Insurance

Answer: HDFC Life Insurance
40 AXA is an insurance company headquartered in –
A London
B Tokyo
C New York
D Paris

Answer: Paris