Ion Exchange Chromatography Quiz | Ion Exchange Chromatography Objective Type Questions and Answers

21 Which technique is much superior in terms of the speed, efficiency, sensitivity and ease of operation?
A Adsorption Chromatography
B Ion –exchange Chromatography
C High Performance Liquid Chromatography
D All Of Above

Answer: High Performance Liquid Chromatography
22 Which is not generally used for separation of proteins, as proteins get denatured by it?
A Reverse Phase Chromatography
B Ion –exchange chromatography
C Affinity chromatography
D Gel-permeation chromatography

Answer: Reverse Phase Chromatography
23 Reversed-phase chromatography uses a stationary phase which is ………… in nature.
A Hydrophilic
B Hydrophobic
C Both of above
D All Of Above

Answer: Hydrophobic
24 In Gel Permeation Chromatography which molecules will be eluted last?
A Small molecules
B Intermediate molecules
C Larger molecules
D All of these

Answer: Small molecules
25 In Ion-exchange chromatography diffusion of the molecule through the matrix of the exchanger is dependent upon
A the degree of cross-linkages of the exchanger
B the ionic strength of the buffer
C both of above
D none of above

Answer: both of above
26 Thin layer chromatography is
A partition chromatography
B electrical mobility of ionic species
C adsorption chromatography
D all of these

Answer: adsorption chromatography

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