Kidney and Its Disease Quiz | Kidney and Its Disease Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 An increase in the concentration of plasma potassium causes increase in:
A release of renin
B secretion of aldosterone
C secretion of ADH
D release of natriuretic hormone

Answer: secretion of aldosterone
2 Common non-specific symptoms of chronic kidney disease include:
A Increased urination at night
B Loss of appetite
C Swelling of hands and feet
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above
3 Which kidney disease is known to be inherited?
A End-stage renal disease
B Protein disease
C Autoimmune kidney disease
D Polycystic kidney disease

Answer: Polycystic kidney disease
4 A doctor who specializes in kidney diseases is called a ________________.
A Urologist
B Endocrinologist
C Nephrologist
D Immunologist

Answer: Nephrologist
5 There are _____ stages of kidney disease.
A 3
B 5
C 6
D 7

Answer: 5
6 Patients with kidney diseases must manage fluid intake because fluid...
A Retention can cause swelling and weight gain
B Affects blood pressure
C Overload can result in heart trouble
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above
7 In the U.S. _________________ is the leading cause of kidney failure.
A Diabetes
B Infection
C Injury
D Smoking

Answer: Diabetes
8 Henle’s loop is found in ___________
A Liver
B Kidney
C Pancreas
D Stomach

Answer: Kidney
9 Which among the following is structural and functional unit of a kidney?
A Nephron
B Neuron
C Urethra
D Henle’s loop

Answer: Nephron
10 Where Kidneys are present in our body?
A At back, just above the waist
B At back, behind lungs
C Near belly button
D Behind pancreas gland

Answer: At back, just above the waist
11 The excretory system of human being consists of the following organs:
A Two kidneys and ureter
B Bladder
C Urethra
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above
12 The best long term solution for kidney failure is:
A Kidney transplant
B Dialysis
C Both A and B
D Neither A nor B

Answer: Kidney transplant
13 When bowman’s capsule and tubule taken together in kidney forms:
A Capillaries
B Nephron
C Glomerulus
D Urine Collecting duct

Answer: Nephron
14 Name the excretory unit in the human excretory system?
A Neuron
B Nephron
C Nephridia
D Nerve

Answer: Nephron
15 What are the symptoms of suffering from kidney disease?
A High blood pressure
B Respiration problem
C Swelling on face, legs etc
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above
16 If a person is put on dialysis, he is suffering from:
A Heart disease
B Kidney disease
C Respiratory problem
D None of the above

Answer: Kidney disease
17 Removal of waste from our body is due to the process of:
A Excretion
B Respiration
C Exhalation
D Double Circulation

Answer: Excretion
18 What is the shape of the kidney?
A It is an oval shaped organ.
B It is bean shaped organ
C It is rectangular in shape.
D It has no fixed shape.

Answer: It is bean shaped organ
19 What is the function of Kidney?
A It cleans blood by filtering it and removes waste products.
B It regulates minerals in the body and produce hormones.
C Both A and B are correct
D Only A is correct

Answer: Both A and B are correct