Maharashtra Quiz | Maharashtra MCQs and Answers

81 Who was called as Lokhitwadi
A Vinoba Bhave
B GH Deshmukh
C Bal Gangadhar Tilak
D Dadabhai Naoroji

Answer: GH Deshmukh
82 Lonar Lake of Maharashtra was created by a
A Meteorite
B Earthquake
C Volcano
D River

Answer: Meteorite
83 Treaty of Purandar was signed between ______ and Shivaji
A Nadir Shah
B Afzal Khan
C Raja Jai Singh
D Yaduvendra Singh

Answer: Raja Jai Singh
84 Which of the following rivers in Maharashtra flows through a rift valley
A Godavari
B Tapi
C Ghatprabha
D Krishna

Answer: Tapi
85 Which of the following regional division of Maharashtra falls under rain shadow region
A Konkan
B Vidharbha
C Marathwada
D Western Maharashtra

Answer: Konkan
86 Which of the following is the largest Hydro Power Project in Maharashtra
A Koyna
B Vaitarana
C Khopoli
D None of the above

Answer: Koyna
87 Which year, the first Radio programme was broadcast by the Radio club of Bombay
A 1927
B 1923
C 1861
D 1864

Answer: 1923
88 As a independent state Maharashtra came into existence on–
A 1st May, 1960
B 1st June, 1959
C 1st May, 1987
D 1st May, 1988

Answer: 1st May, 1960
89 Which of the following is the state capital of the Maharashtra state?
A Nagpur
B Kolhapur
C Mumbai
D Pune

Answer: Mumbai
90 Sub capital of the Maharashtra State is–
A Aurangabad
B Nagpur
C Mumbai
D Pune

Answer: Nagpur
91 Which of the following is the state animal of the Maharashtra State?
A Indian Giant Squirrel
B Tiger
C Lion
D Elephant

Answer: Indian Giant Squirrel
92 Which of the following birds is the state bird of Maharashtra State?
A Owl
B Yellow Footed Green Pigeon
C Vulture
D Eagle

Answer: Yellow Footed Green Pigeon
93 Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Pune came in existence in the year of?
A 1st January, 1966
B 1st January, 1977
C 1st January, 1955
D 1st January, 1988

Answer: 1st January, 1966
94 Which of the following soils of Maharashtra are devoid of calcium carbonate and have acidic reaction?
A Lateritic soil
B Black soil
C Medium soil
D None of the above

Answer: Lateritic soil
95 The extreme Southern district of Maharashtra is which one of the following?
A Sindhudurg
B Kolhapur
C Ratnagiri
D Miraj

Answer: Sindhudurg
96 Which of the following tribes is related in the Maharashtra State?
A Gonds
B Bhils
C Kalis
D All of these

Answer: All of these
97 The most celebrated festival in Maharashtra as well as all over India, with a great faith and enthusiasm is–
A Ganesh Chaturthi
B Dusshera
C Diwali
D Poornima

Answer: Ganesh Chaturthi
98 What is coal in Maharashtra prominently used for?
A Thermal
B Atomic
C Hydro
D None of these

Answer: Thermal
99 The Maharashtra in soil is very rich in which of the following said nutrient element?
A Nitrogen
B Organic Carbon
C Phosphorus
D Both A and B

Answer: Both A and B
100 Which of the following region has an un-parallel work in the making of fine jewellery in Maharashtra state?
A Sawantwadi
B Kolhapur
C Rajapur
D Sangli

Answer: Sawantwadi