Medical Science Quiz | Medical Science MCQs with Answers

101 Pulmonary edema is most like associated with a failing _____ _____.
A Right atrium
B Left atrium
C Right ventricle
D Left ventricle

Answer: Left ventricle
102 Cardiac output is the product of ____ and ____.
A HR and Disastolic pressure
B HR and Stroke Volume
C HR and EF
D Diastolic and Systolic pressure

Answer: HR and Stroke Volume
103 Angiotension can directly cause the release of ____ from the adrenal cortex.
A Renin
B Aldosterone
C Calcitonin
D Thyroxine

Answer: Aldosterone
104 The innermost layer of a blood vessel is lined with _______ ______ cells
A Simple squamous
B Stratified squamous
C Simple cuboidal epithelium
D Stratified cuboidal epithelium

Answer: Simple squamous
105 Which of the following occurs during ventricular diastole?
A Increased aortic pressure
B Increased ventricular volume
C Lub heart sound
D T wave

Answer: Increased ventricular volume