Nervous System MCQs | Nervous System Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) with Answers

1 Which of the following structures is a part of the rhombencephalon?
A Temporal lobe
B Thalamus
C Substantia nigra
D Medulla

Answer: Medulla
2 Nervous System consists of
A Brain
B Spinal Cord
C Nerves
D All the above

Answer: All the above
3 Out of the following, which one does not affect the speed of conduction of nerve impulse.
A No. of ganglia
B Myelin sheath
C Axon diameter
D Temperature

Answer: No. of ganglia
4 Name the multipolar neuron which is located entirely within the central nervous system.
A Motor neuron
B Efferent neuron
C Afferent neuron
D Interneuron

Answer: Interneuron
5 In our body involuntary actions are controlled by:
A Medulla in Hindbrain
B Medulla in Forebrain
C Medulla in Spinal Cord
D Medulla in Midbrain

Answer: Medulla in Hindbrain
6 Which of the following is NOT found in axon?
A Endoplasmic reticulum
B Neurofibrils
C Mitochondria
D Microtubules

Answer: Endoplasmic reticulum
7 What are Nissl bodies?
A Golgi bodies
B Lysosomes
C Cluster of rough endoplasmic reticulum
D Mitochondria

Answer: Cluster of rough endoplasmic reticulum
8 What is the speed of nerve impulse?
A 60 m/s
B 0.5 – 130 m/s
C 10-30 m/s
D 50 -150 m/s

Answer: 0.5 – 130 m/s
9 Name the basic structural and functional unit of the nervous system.
A Neuroglia
B Glial cells
C Neurons
D Perikaryon

Answer: Neurons
10 Which of the following is NOT the component of the PNS?
A Elastic connective tissue
B Cranial nerves
C Spinal nerves
D Ganglia

Answer: Elastic connective tissue
11 System of the body which coordinates and controls its activity is known as ___________
A Organ system
B Muscular system
C Nervous tissue
D Nervous system

Answer: Nervous system
12 Which nerves are attached to the brain and emerge from the skull?
A Cranial Nerves
B Spinal Nerves
C Thoracic Nerves
D Sacral Nerves

Answer: Cranial Nerves
13 Spinal Cord originates from which part of the brain?
A Cerebellum
B Medulla
C Pons
D Cerebrum

Answer: Medulla
14 Pons, cerebellum and medulla are part of which brain?
A Forebrain
B Midbrain
C Hindbrain
D None of the above

Answer: Hindbrain
15 Those reflex actions which involve brain are called
A Stimulus
B Cerebral reflexes
C Spinal reflexes
D Reflex arc

Answer: Cerebral reflexes
16 A microscopic gap between a pair of adjacent neurons over which nerve impulses pass when going from one neuron to the next is called
A Neurotransmitter
B Synapse
C Axon
D None of the above

Answer: Synapse
17 What is the unit of Nervous system?
A Brain
B Spinal Cord
C Neuron
D Nerves

Answer: Neuron
18 Which of the following cells supports, nourishes, and protect the neurons?
A Nissl bodies
B Perikaryon
C Ganglia
D Glial cells

Answer: Glial cells
19 Name the system that controls every activity that you do?
A Nervous System
B Exocrine System
C Endocrine System
D Respiratory System

Answer: Nervous System
20 Which of the following statement is correct about Cerebellum?
A It regulates the muscular movement for locomotion
B It is a part of brain
C Both A and B

Answer: Neither A nor B

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