Noise Pollution Quiz | Noise Pollution Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) with Answers

1 What is noise?
A Desirable sound
B Desirable and unwanted sound
C Undesirable and unwanted sound
D Undesirable and wanted sound

Answer: Undesirable and unwanted sound
2 Which pollution cause hearing loss in organisms?
A Air pollution
B Noise pollution
C Water pollution
D Soil pollution

Answer: Noise pollution
3 What is the dB of a threshold of pain?
A 100
B 110
C 120
D 146

Answer: 146
4 In anaerobic conditions, mercury is present in; metallic form and
A Humic Acid
B Nitric Acid
C Methane form
D Sulphide form

Answer: Sulphide form
5 Noise pollution effects marine animal's;
A blood circulation
B gene pool
C DNA transposition
D behaviour

Answer: Behaviour
6 Main sources of noise pollution are
A Transportation equipment
B Musical instruments
C Heavy machinery
D A and C both

Answer: A and C both
7 A safe level of noise depends on
A level of noise and exposure to noise
B area
C pitch
D frequency

Answer: level of noise and exposure to noise
8 Sound which has Jarring effect on ears is
A Noise
B Music
C pleasant sound
D soul music

Answer: Noise
9 Lower medial lethal dose, higher is the;
A Toxicity
B solubility
C Heat reaction
D Dosage quantity

Answer: Toxicity
10 Sounds which are pleasant to our ears are called
A noise
B musical sounds
C frequency
D amplitude

Answer: musical sounds
11 Following is used for measuring intensity of sound
A Sound level meter
B Frequency meter
C both (A) and (B)
D all of the above

Answer: Sound level meter
12 Following scale is used for loudness of sound or noise
A linear scale
B logarithmic scale
C exponential scale
D none of the above

Answer: linear scale
13 Wildlife faces more problems than humans due to noise pollution, because animals dependent on_______________
A Noise
B Sound
C Actions
D Behavior

Answer: Sound
14 Which of the following sound is pleasant to our ears?
A Heavy machinery
B Transportation equipment
C Loud noise
D Music

Answer: Music
15 What is the permissible noise limit of 120 db?
A 30 minutes
B 2 minutes
C 1 minute
D 30 seconds

Answer: 30 seconds
16 In which unit sound is measured?
A Kilometer
B Pascal
C Kilogram
D Decibel

Answer: Decibel
17 At what decibel instantaneous rupture of membrane happens?
A 100
B 120
C 146
D 150

Answer: 150
18 What is the dB of a threshold of hearing?
A 0
B 10
C 50
D 100

Answer: 0
19 Noise pollution can cause
A hypertension
B hearing loss
C sleep disturbances
D all of the above

Answer: All of the above
20 Level of noise recommended in most countries is
A 30-40 dB
B 95-100 dB
C 85-90 dB
D 75-80 dB

Answer: 85-90 dB

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