Ozone Depletion Quiz | Ozone Depletion Objective Type Questions and Answers

21 Which of the following devices can be used to measure ozone in the stratosphere from the ground?
A Spectrophotometer
B Spectrometer
C Photometer
D Spectro-ozonometer

Answer: Spectrophotometer
22 Who discovered the formation of ozone from photochemical reactions?
A Sydney Chapman
B Carl Sagan
C G.M.B Dobson
D None of these

Answer: G.M.B Dobson
23 In which season is the ozone found at its maximum level in the northern hemisphere?
A Spring
B Winter
C Autumn
D Summer

Answer: Spring
24 Which of the following chemicals are responsible for the depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer?
A Foam-blowing agents
B Refrigerants
C Propellants
D All of the mentioned

Answer: All of the mentioned
25 What does EESC stand for in context of ozone depleting compounds?
A Equivalent Effective Stratospheric Chlorine
B Energy Effective Stratospheric Compounds
C Equivalent Effective Stratospheric Chlorofluorocarbons
D Equivalent Energy Saving Compounds

Answer: Equivalent Effective Stratospheric Chlorine
26 Which of the following is threat to the ozonosphere?
B Carbon dioxide
C Nitrogen dioxide
D Oxygen

Answer: CFCs
27 Which one of the following is a result of ozone layer depletion?
A Increases in the carbon dioxide level
B Increase in the oxygen level
C Increase in the nitrogen level
D Increase in the phosphorous level

Answer: Increases in the carbon dioxide level
28 In which layer of atmosphere ozone is very vital for all vegetation?
A Below ground level
B Below atmosphere
C Ground level
D Upper atmosphere

Answer: Upper atmosphere
29 Which atom released when CFCs molecules are broken from UV radiations?
A Chlorine
B Arsenic
C Oxygen
D Nitrogen

Answer: Chlorine
30 Which treaty was signed in 187 for the protection of ozone layer?
A Wildlife Conservation Act
B The Kyoto Protocol
C The Montreal Protocol
D Ozone Summit

Answer: The Montreal Protocol
31 Which compound which used in fire extinguishers cause ozone layer depletion?
A Halons
B Phosphates
C Sodium aluminates
D Sulfurous silicate

Answer: Halons
32 The Ozone hole is a much larger springtime decrease in ___ ozone around Erath’s polar regions.
A stratospheric
B mesospheric
C exospheric
D thermospheric

Answer: stratospheric
33 Following are referred to as ozone-depleting substances (ODs).
A Halons
B Cfcs
C Hcfcs
D All Of The Above

Answer: All Of The Above
34 The ozone layer prevents ___ from passing through the Earth’s atmosphere.
A x-rays
B Infrared rays
C Ultraviolet rays
D All Of The Above

Answer: Ultraviolet rays
35 Utraviolet Rays Cause
A Cataracts
B Skin Cancer
C Sunburn
D All Of The Above

Answer: All Of The Above
36 Ozone Can Be Destroyed By The Following Free Radical(S)
A Chlorine Radical (Cl∙)
B Hydroxyl Radicals (OH∙)
C Nitric Oxide Radical (NO∙)
D All Of The Above

Answer: All Of The Above
37 The total amount of ozone in the atmosphere above a point on the earth’s surface is measured in
A Dobson Unit
B Angstrom Unit
C Astronomical Unit
D None Of The Above

Answer: Dobson Unit
38 Following is (are) the greenhouse gas(es).
A chlorofluorocarbons
B carbon dioxide
C both (A) and (B)
D None Of These

Answer: both (A) and (B)
39 CFCs were used as
A Refrigerants In Cooling Units
B Paint
C Fuel In Airplanes
D All Of The Above

Answer: Refrigerants In Cooling Units
40 Following is used as refrigerant in automobile
A R-134c
B R-134b
C R-134a
D All of the above

Answer: R-134a