Periodic Table MCQs | Periodic Table Choice Questions with Answers

1 In fluorine, incoming electrons are repel by the
A Thick cloud
B Outer most shell
C Nucleus
D Atomic radii

Answer: Thick cloud
2 Fluorine has electron affinity less than that of
A sodium
B potassium
C chlorine
D oxygen

Answer: Chlorine
3 Modern periodic law had been given by—
A Mendeleev
B Lavoisier
C Moseley
D Lother-Mayer

Answer: Moseley
4 In periodic table elements with similar valence shell configuration are placed in
A Different groups
B Same group
C Can be placed any where
D None of above

Answer: Same group
5 Groups contain alkaline earth metals are

Answer: IIA
6 The element with atomic weight 14 is
A Oxygen
B Boron
C Nitrogen
D Carbon

Answer: Nitrogen
7 Ability of atom to attract electrons towards itself is called
A Electron affinity
B Electronegativity
C Ionization energy
D Shielding effect

Answer: Electronegativity
8 Physical properties depends on the
A size of atom
B size of proton
C size of neutron
D no. of electrons

Answer: size of atom
9 The horizontal lines in the modern periodic table are called—
A Metal
B Group
C Period
D None of the above

Answer: Period
10 All the elements in a group in the periodic table have the same—
A Same number of valence electrons
B Atomic number
C Atomic weight
D None of the above

Answer: Same number of valence electrons
11 In year 2016 , in which month new elements were found in the periodic table?
A February
B January
C March
D April

Answer: January
12 When an electron is added in valence shell then
A Energy is absorbed
B Energy is released
C Energy remains same
D Force of attraction increases

Answer: Energy is released
13 The law that "the physical and chemical properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic weights" was given by
A Lothar Meyer
B Moseley
C Bohr
D Mendeleev

Answer: Mendeleev
14 As we go from left to right across period, electron affinity
A Increases
B Decreases
C Remains same
D None of above

Answer: Increases
15 Decrease in force of attraction between valence electrons and nucleus by inner electrons is called
A screening effect
B shielding effect
C photoelectric effect
D dopler effect

Answer: shielding effect
16 Elements that lie in same column have
A similar properties
B different properties
C same physical properties
D different chemical properties

Answer: similar properties
17 Value of ionization energy
A Decreases down the group
B Increases down the group
C Remains same down the group
D None of above

Answer: Decreases down the group
18 The Law of Octaves was given by
A Mendeleev
B John Newlands
C Dobereiner
D Bohr

Answer: John Newlands
19 The law that "the properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers" was given by
A Moseley
B Linus Pauling
C Heisenberg
D Mendeleev

Answer: Moseley
20 Elements are arranged in order of
A Decreasing atomic number
B Decreasing atomic mass
C Increasing atomic number
D Increasing atomic mass

Answer: Increasing atomic number