Periodic Table Quiz | Periodic Table Objective Type Questions & Answers

21 How many periods are present in the modern periodic table?
A 7
B 8
C 6
D 2

Answer: 7
22 Which of the following element(s) are/is new in the periodic table?
A Nihonium (Nh, 113) and Moscovium (Mc, 115)
B Tennessine (Ts, 117) and Oganesson (Og, 118)
C Both (A) and (B)
D None of the above

Answer: Both (A) and (B)
23 In group from top to bottom electron affinity
A increases
B decreases
C remain same
D fluctuate

Answer: Decreases
24 Terbium (Tb) atomic mass of 159 belongs to block
A s
B p
C f
D d

Answer: f
25 Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869 devised
A The periodic Table
B Force of gravity
C Law of thermodynamic
D structure of electron

Answer: The periodic Table
26 Values of group IIA, VA and VII in every period is
A High
B Low
C Change
D Neutral

Answer: Low
27 For yet undiscovered elements Periodic table has
A Columns
B Groups
C Rows
D Gaps

Answer: Gaps
28 Element which perfectly matched qualities which Mendeleev predicted in his Periodic table was
A silicon
B geranium
C radium
D radon

Answer: Geranium
29 Which one is known as the father of periodic table?
A Mendeleev
B Lavoisier
C Neil Bohr
D Rutherford

Answer: Mendeleev
30 How many groups are present in the modern periodic table?
A 18
B 17
C 16
D 15

Answer: 18
31 Which element has the atomic number 8?
A Helium
B Oxygen
C Nitrogen
D Lithium

Answer: Oxygen
32 The vertical rows in a periodic table are called
A Noble Gases
B Alkali Metals
C Periods
D Groups

Answer: Groups
33 The elements in group zero are called—
A Inert gases
B Transition metals
C Alkali metals
D None of the above

Answer: Inert gases
34 The vertical lines in the modern periodic table are called—
A Non-metal
B Group
C Period
D None of the above

Answer: Group
35 Recurrence of same pattern in periodic table is called its
A periodicity
B regular pattern
C intervals
D retermisation

Answer: periodicity
36 In period from left to right electron affinity of elements
A increases
B decreases
C fluctuates
D releases

Answer: increases
37 Magnesium has an atomic number of
A 16
B 24
C 12
D 10

Answer: 12