Punjab History Quiz | Punjab History Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

61 How old was Guru Amardass during his accession to the Gurgaddi?
A 73 years
B 80 years
C 45 years
D 60 years

Answer: 73 years
62 What was Bhai Lalo by his profession?
A Businessman
B Carpenter
C Mason
D Tailor

Answer: Carpenter
63 Who did invite Guru Nanak Dev Ji to dine Brahm Bhoj?
A Malik Bhago
B Nawab Daulat Khan
C Sajjan
D Carpenter

Answer: Malik Bhago
64 Where did the Sajjan Thug use to live?
A Multan
B Rai Bhoyen
C Talumba village
D Lahore

Answer: Talumba village
65 What was the name of the messenger of the ruler of Amenabad?
A Malik Bhago
B Sajjan
C Mardana
D Bhai Bala

Answer: Sajjan
66 What is called the tieths {tenth part} of the earnings by a sikh, which is spent in the interest of religion?
A Dasvand
B Earnings
C Kirat
D Distribution

Answer: Dasvand
67 At what place did Guru Ji preach the tradition of true Aarti?
A Mathura
B Haridwar
C Jagannath puri
D Delhi

Answer: Jagannath puri
68 In whose company did Guru Nanak Dev Ji initiate the first Udasi?
A Bhai Lehana
B Bhai Mardana
C Bhai Bala
D Bhai Mansukh

Answer: Bhai Mardana
69 What were the major communities/ dominating, on the eve of Guru Nanak’s birth?
A The British Community
B The Hindu and The Muslim Community
C The Christian Community
D The Mughal Community

Answer: The Hindu and The Muslim Community
70 What was the name of the Pandit who instructed Guru Nanak Dev Ji to wear Janeyu?
A Pandit Hardayal
B Pandit Ram
C Pandit Dayal
D Pandit Roopchand

Answer: Pandit Hardayal
71 Which of the followings edited/compiled the Dasam Granth?
A Guru Gobind Singh
B Guru Teg Bahadur
C Bhai Gurdas
D Guru Angad Dev Ji

Answer: Guru Gobind Singh
72 Which of the followings were the main communities in the 16th century that of the Hindus?
A Vaishnava sect
B Shakti sect
C Shaiva sect
D All of these

Answer: All of these
73 Which of the following communities had been found in a very destituted condition?
A The Shudras
B The Jats
C The Rajputs
D The Hindus

Answer: The Shudras
74 Which of the Vaars by Bhai Gurdas Ji are considered important from the point of view of history?
A 1st and 11th
B 24th and 23rd
C 2nd and 11th
D 1st and 23rd

Answer: 1st and 11th
75 How many Muslim educational centers were there in Punjab in the early 16th century?
A One
B Four
C Two
D Five

Answer: Four
76 Which word has been used in the Rig-Veda period?
A Tak Country
B Penta Potamia
C Sapt Sindhu
D Lahore Provice

Answer: Penta Potamia
77 Which Mughal emperor took over the regime after Akbar?
A Jehangir
B Aurangzeb
C Ashok
D Shahjehan

Answer: Jehangir
78 In which year, by orders from the emperor Shahjehan, the Baoli constructed at Lahore was filled with earth?
A 1445 AD
B 1628 AD
C 1531 AD
D 1439 AD

Answer: 1628 AD
79 Which Sikhs did Guru Ram Dass ji depute for the excavation of the tank at Santokhsar?
A Baba Lehana
B Prithi Chand
C Baba Buddha ji
D Bhai Gurdas

Answer: Baba Buddha ji
80 How many steps did Guru Amardass ji get constructed to the staircase,that of the way to the Baoli?
A 84
B 46
C 72
D 60

Answer: 84